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Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Mothers' fun day with Telone as follows

This is what we are coming to - how can someone get a rates bill for USD 423?????? This happened last week - and no repairs to the road or garbage collections !

My telephone bill was over 80USD and they did not have change for a ten dollar note - This ios really unbelievable as they are taking USD all day for every account! The previous month my bill was less than 1 usd and I was given a 15 billion Zim Dollar credit - on the bill this time the credit was 1 US cent - is that 15 billion Zim Dollars - no one seems to know!

Electricity bills are now being looked into as the rate being charged is rediculous - even if we got a bill we would not be able to make it out!

Read on........
Yes, I get really annoyed when people tell me they are paying their bills in full - it is just giving Telone permission to charge at these rates in future!! Why wouldn't they continue as long as people are so willing to be ripped off?? I believe we all have a duty to make a stand against this daylight robbery. Those people who willingly pay must not complain when they receive their next bill!

"I have had a very busy morning trying to pay my Telone account. I went
first to my bank to ascertain the official rate for the USD/Zim dollar and
then to Telone Lomagundi Road.

They flatly refused to accept Zim dollars, whereupon I told them I was going to Avondale Police Station to lodge a complaint, as what they were doing is illegal. I went to see the Member in Charge at Avondale Police Station whowas most sympathetic, saying that I was about the fourth person this week tocome with the same complaint. He commended me on my efforts.

He referred me to Telone Head Office in Rugare House in town, where I went
and after finding parking, went to the 8th floor to see a very pleasant
called Irene, who seems to be in charge of customer services. She
contactedher superior who said that, in view of the fact that I was a pensioner,
theywould accept half Zim dollars and half US dollars.
I said that was impossible, so she changed her mind and said that they
wouldaccept it all in Zim dollars, but I would have to pay it in cash and pay
at the Main Post Office.

She said that all the branches of Telone had been told to refuse Zim
dollars, so I would have to
go to the 2nd floor at the main post office building and see the R.C.S.M.
whatever that is and she would accept my payment.

I was told to go to my bank and ask for special permission to draw this
amount (it is Z$ 7 495.18 revalued so Z$ 7.5 quadrillion ) I went to
Barclays Bank Highlands where I asked to see the manager, who wasn't
available and was referred to the Chief Cashier, who said I would have to
apply to the Reserve Bank for permission to draw this amount. She wasn't
able to say how long this application would take, and as the rate changes
daily it is just not feasible.

Having told all the Telone employees that I dealt with that I would just have to relinquish my phone and use my cellphone, I think they've got the
message as they all said, "Oh please don't do that, we won't have any
I guess they are getting the message though I doubt it will have any

I've decided to simply not pay my account and they can cut me off if they
like. According to the e-mails forwarded to me via John Robertson, we
really do have the law on our side, though that seems to mean nothing at
this stage.

I feel very strongly that it is time to take a stand, and if that means
some sacrifices, so be it! So, guys, I may not be able to e-mail you for much
longer, but I do believe it's worth it.

If enough people take a firm stand, these parastatals will have to start
being reasonable.

I hope more people make a fuss too, or my efforts will be a bit futile ". Patricia Kinloch

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