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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rates Charges for Harare

This will be of interest to all..........
I have been trying for ages to find out from City of Harare what to
pay and do with the ridiculous rates that they are charging people.
They have been most unhelpful and to the point of being rude.

Today I finally got put through to someone in Management at City of
Harare who kindly (after much persisting) told me what I have been
trying to find out.

People have been told to pay what they can on their rates etc until
the 9th April (date not confirmed)when the new rates will come out
mind you might be charged interest if the rates do not change).
People have been asked to put in writing their objections to the
charges (Do not forget to object to the 51% interest that City of
Harare are still charging - see the bottom of your bill). People
are being told to address their
objections to the Town Clerk at the Town Hall. Letters have to be
dropped off at Reception or taken to Room 008. The cut off date is
the 9th

I called and confirmed this with a very helpful lady at Town Hall
who said that people also need to attend the Consultative Budget
Meetings for Residence in their area (if they have not been already
held) and to contact their district office to find out from the
district officer when these meetings are being held e.g.
Borrowdale, Highlands, Greendale etc. If they have already been
held please do a letter of objection to the Town
This does not only apply to City of Harare but to Telone, Zinwa,
zesa, etc.

Unless a lot of people object then we do not stand a chance of the
coming down and also the interest rates.

Let us stand together and actually do something for a change.

Kind Regards
Concerned and not able to pay citizen

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