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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Warning SA Highway

Phil Gargan - Warning SA Highway

This is in the interests of awareness and hopefully you will pass it on and
we may even save a life. This happened to me last Saturday and
thankfully I was warned so dealt with it appropriately.

I was driving with my daughter on the South African N1 near Centurian and I
was in the middle lane. The time was 4pm and there was lots of traffic.

A silver, smart BMW or very similar car drew up along beside me (drivers
side) - hooted several times and flashed what appeared to be a Police
identity card at me and indicated very firmly that I was to pull over.

The car had 2 Asians of about 25 to 30 years of age in it. The car then
started to push me to the left.

I quickly told my daughter to get the cell phone and to pretend to be
talking on it. I took avoiding action but did not reduce my speed.

They then tried to cut me off and I braked hard then accelerated back to
normal speed as soon as there was a gap. I took out my pen and had a piece
of paper and attempted to write their registration number.

They then drew over to the left and slipped a few cars back and followed us
for about 2km.
I did not change lanes or slow down. They then moved into the righthand lane
and sped off at extremely high speed and I never saw them

This time I did manage to get the full registration plate number.
I phoned the police and made a full report - they checked out the number
plate immediately, and it turned out to be a false number plate.

On Sunday we were listening to the radio - channel 702 - and they announced
that there had been 12 such hijackings that weekend -
with 2 people shot.
All were Zimbabweans.
It seems that Zimbabweans are seen as soft targets as they do not have
weapons and usually carry hard cash.

It was very fortunate that I was warned about this beforehand or the outcome
could have been very different.

Please let everyone know who you believe this may help.
Cheers, Phil Gargan

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