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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How cruel can people be!

We arrived home yesterday afternoon at about 5pm. The next door dog was barking intermittently but we did not think anything of it at the time.

We did all our various chores and sat down to watch a TV program. When we finished watching at about 7:30 we turned off the TV and again heard the dog - by now it was obviously very distressed.

We waited a while and then my husband and son decided to go and see if there was anyone on the property - the neighbours concerned have not had a phone working for months!
they rang the gate bell and the husband answered - they mentioned to him that his dog sounded as if it was distressed and he replied - that, yes, he was aware of this. They then asked him if he should not take it to the vet and afford the name of a 24 hour vet that we use. he said he was going to take the dog the following morning. My husband and son offered to help him take it then and there but he declined the offer.

We were unable to get the SPCA to come and assist so were helpless and had to listen to the cries from the poor animal. We could not break and enter our neighbours property and take the dog as we would have been breaking the law and could have been charged!

The poor animal was still crying at 11 at night - when i awoke at 3:35 - there was no sound. At 6 my husband went to see if the dog was still in its enclosure (it had no kennel and it had been raining all night). it was lying in the same position as it had been the night before - it had died during the night - by 8 am the owners had not even been out to see if it was alive or not.

I will do everything in my power to ensure that these dreadful people never have another animal in their care! I hope that they are prosecuted under the cruelty to animals act!

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