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Monday, December 7, 2009


This Friday on the 27th November, young teenagers Taylor Cameron (16 yrs old) and Kirsty Padmore (17 yrs old) have runaway from home and are missing. It is now Wednesday and they still haven't been found, nor has anyone had contact with them. The police have been involved and have been doing their best since Sunday. Still no positive news.Please. We need your help! Their parents and families are very worried, and if it were your children we would make this same effort.PLEASE BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THEM!If you know any one or both of these people personally and have seen them during the weekend or after, Please let us know!Contact and get through to AS MANY OF THESE numbers as you can:091 3 760 594091 2 240 471091 2 317 689091 2 417 065091 2 260 45501160001404 485540/1Email addresses:charlesr@frampolafrica.comneilp@frampolafrica.comWhat we know:Taylor and Kirsty were last seen in Highlands, Harare on the 27th of November. (Last friday night) We have asked Econet to help us with their round-abouts location, and they said that there had been calls and messages from their cellphones coming from the Manicaland area over the weekend. They could still be out there, but theres also a very big possibility that they are in Harare. They could be anywhere, they could be around the corner from you for all we know. Please be on a lookout for these faces. (pictures attatched) of people around the street that you see or have seen. IF YOU SEE OR HAVE SEEN THEM, Please call or email us with as much information as you can give. If you can do nothing else, we ask that you pray for them and that they are safe.Many Thanks,The Families of Taylor and Kirsty.

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