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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's Wednesday again!

When we made the desision to have a part time maid we expected someone reliable so we settled on E. who came highly recommended.  But E loves travelling and ususally the day before she is off somewhere, the rural areas or South Africa, we get a late night message that she is not coming - very annoying!  Well at least today we don't have mountains of washing up and we can put the washing in the washing machine as we have power!

This last week has been particulaly bad with cuts being up to 15 hours - thank goodness we have back up!

We are still not able to get some products at the supermarket due to the ban on animal products due to Rift Valley Fever in namibia!  They have enev banned Marmite - no one bothered to see it was a purely vegetarian product!  Imported milk, which is half tyhe proce of loacal milk has appeared again and butter can be found at Supreme Buterchery in Chisipite - our local meat and chicken if far superiour to anything imported and fish has also appeared again.

We are still experiencing grey skies but today at least we have had some sun!

Heard from both our sons - so we are happy.

Saw one of these water cannon vehicles on the Borrowdale Road today - it was heading towards Borrowdale brook - wonder what it was doing there.

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