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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More personal blogging

It is about time i started writting more personal messages.

In midwinter it is now cold and on many days cloudy.  We are fine but i wish something could be done for those who are old and have little money to pay for wood or for power to run a heater.

Our solar plan is in full sqing so although we still have power failures - they do not worry us so much - it has been a long haul and still has some way to go but we are less dependent on ZESA.  Power cuts are still running into the 8 to 15 hour lebgth and although that does not mean so much to us any more it soes hit the supermarkets with their freezers.  i bought some frozen pastry the other day and found it covered in mould.

I want to introduce you to our life style and will place some photographs of our home on this blog soon.  We do not have a big house but a friendly house and a lved in home.

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