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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Interesting Article

 Mugabe Picks Simba Makoni As Successor As Doctor Confirms He is Losing Cancer Battle

By The African Aristocrat on August 23, 2010

Private doctor flies to Zimbabwe and tells Mugabe his time is limited
Mugabe aides travel to meet Nigerian faith healer
Solomon Mujuru livid over plot to demote Joyce Mujuru and replace her with Simba Makoni
Mugabe’s plans to steal election and reform Zanu PF
Mugabe ready to sacrifice Zanu PF lawbreakers to save party legacy

In yet another exclusive, the African Aristocrat can reveal that Robert Mugabe is actively considering potential successors after Awang Kechick, his urologist who we can reveal visited Zimbabwe nine weeks ago, reportedly told Mugabe that his condition is progressing faster than it can be treated.

Mugabe’s condition is deteriorating

The often spritely Mugabe has in recent times begun to look unwell

A viable source close to the ailing President reveals that, following Kachick’s visit, Mugabe has accepted the reality that his time is limited and has begun considering potential successors.

Mugabe has in the past struggled with undisclosed health problems but has always returned to public life looking spritely and healthy. However the past few months Mugabe’s health has deteriorated dramatically with pictures recently being broadcast by showing Mugabe unable to walk without the help of aides in a recent trip to Uganda. Some reports claimed Mugabe fell in full view of other dignitaries.

Mugabe’s condition is reported to be now so volatile that he now no longer sleeps in his marital bedroom instead spending his nights in the same room with his personal physicians who are required to remain awake whilst he sleeps. The State House has been recently equipped with Israeli state of the art resuscitation equipment.

A few weeks ago this publication reported that a controversial Nigerian prophet, TB Joshua, who has openly ministered to high ranking officials like Frederick Chiluba and Ghana’s president, John Atta Mills, directed his members to pray for Mugabe. We can reveal that immediately following the television broadcast by the Synagogue Church of All Nations, in which the faith healer spoke specifically of cancer, Mugabe dispatched aides to request that TB Joshua travel discreetly to meet Mugabe in Zimbabwe. The request was turned down. TB Joshua, who gains much of his legitimacy by ministering to prominent figures, refused to travel to Zimbabwe stating that he would on see Mugabe on Nigerian soil. Zifa president Cuthbert Dube recently travelled to meet the controversial faith healer and claimed that he was healed and no longer uses his wheelchair.

Mugabe considers Makoni for succession

High ranking Zanu PF officials are aware that Mugabe is unwell and that the presidency faces an uncertain future if Mugabe suddenly passes on. Even when Mugabe was well there was bitter infighting within Zanu PF regarding the succession issue. However Mugabe seems to have already made his choice, a choice not sitting well with some powerful party members.

Mugabe Meets Simba Makoni, Solomon Mujuru kept out of State House

Mugabe plans to fire Joyce Mujuru

In a surprise move Robert Mugabe has ditched presidential hopefuls Joyce Mujuru and Emmerson Mnangagwa and is said to be in private negotiations with Simba Makoni.

Simba Makoni, who left Zanu PF to start his own party, is widely viewed as a moderate by both the MDC and Zanu PF, he also enjoys support from Zimbabwe’s commerce and private media.

According to our source Mugabe is planning to replace Joyce Mujuru with Simba Makoni, hold an election in 2011 and force a Zanu PF victory or extend the GNU for a full term. If Mugabe pulls off the election in 2011 he wants to install Simba Makoni as president and have him institute far reaching reforms which are calculated to win the electoral support of the urban dwellers, support that the MDC currently enjoys.

Solomon Mujuru is said to have got wind of Mugabe’s plan and went to see him without an appointment. He was not allowed into the State House and his entourage was forced to bear the embarrassment of having to turn at the gates. Mugabe is said to have refused to see him complaining that he was “unwell.” Solomon Mujuru is said to furious and is trying to garner support from other party heavy weights to demand that Mugabe openly discuss the succession issue.

Implications for the MDC

Simba Makoni could potentially damage the MDC

If Mugabe does steal the election in 2011 there is a real possibility that a seemingly reformed Zanu PF, under Simba Makoni, could win urban support. Part of the deal that Mugabe is negotiating with Makoni is immunity from prosecution for a few dozens officials. Mugabe is willing to sacrifice smaller fish like Phillip Chiyangwa and other dispensable assets.

If Makoni does take over Zanu PF and is seen to prosecute the powerful and previously untouchable then the public will certainly warm up to him. Furthermore, the discovery of diamonds and the general economic stabilisation means that Zimbabwe will see significant economic growth in the next 5 years. Makoni would take credit for these developments if he was the sitting president.

If Mugabe is allowed to steal the election and then constitutionally appoint Simba Makoni as President this could mean the end of the MDC as a viable opposition movement. Four years is enough to allow Makoni a chance to rebrand Zanu PF. The only question is who are going to be the sacrificial lambs.

I am the African Aristocrat.

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