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Sunday, December 12, 2010


In 2000 we were identified and approached by the then CFU Chairman (and only by CFU) to put forward a farm for the Zimbabwe Joint Resettlement Initiative (ZJIRI), a CFU project. It was "for the farming community", and we would be paid in full by the CFU, we were assured.

Remember in 2000 we had no idea of the Jambanja's of 2001-2002. We were, in hindsight it seems, innocent and naive. We relinquished the farm for ZJIRI / CFU initiative. We have waited patiently all these years in the expectation of full payment from the CFU.

For the past two years we have been persistently asking the CFU about our payment for this farm.

We have been passed from the CEO to the President, from President to CEO, from CEO now, to the CFU lawyer. Nobody at the CFU wants to talk to us about this or explain their position.

Is there anyone else out there, in a similar predicament, waiting for payment for the CFU's ZJIRI programme. Some people, we believe, were paid. We did not give up a farm to save a farm, nor cede this farm in any way - it was a bona fide business transaction involving full payment at market value.

Anyone out there in a similar position re ZJIRI please contact

Clive and Ann Hein. / The Midlands

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