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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Driving Warning –Drew Rd / Harare Drive

Driving Warning –Drew Rd / Harare Drive -  I was told by a middle aged lady, yesterday, that, on Friday night last week, at about midnight her husband had been driving home after a couple of drinks at The Tin Roof in Lewisam. He drove along Drew Road and , just before he turned left into Harare Drive, he slowed down for the hump in the road. His windows were open at the time. A youngish guy suddenly appeared from nowhere, stuck his head through the driver’s window and spat in the drivers Face! The latter was, understandably,  not amused and opened his door in a rage – in the meanwhile another chap opened the passenger door and tried to climb into the car. A big fight then ensued with yet another guy joining in. Luckily the driver was quite a bug guy and successfully fought them off with nothing notable stolen from the car

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