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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Reports are coming in on almost a daily basis on the crime in and around Harare …. from petty theft to armed robberies. There is definitely an increase and we ask you to please be very aware of your environment and what’s going on around you. If you see any suspicious gathering or unusual happening in your area, report them to either your Neighbourhood Watch or the nearest Police Station - this helps in the prevention of crime … before it happens! Gangs are moving in daylight hours and some very blatant in their approach and attitude …… be AWAKE, AWARE, VIGILANT & ALERT at all times. Keep the security at a high level ongoing throughout the 24 hours of every day/night. Make sure your staff are aware of the rules on a regular basis and check if they are being adhered to. Do not allow anyone onto your property without checking; communicate with your staff as to when you are expecting to have workmen and repairs done as to alleviate allowing ‘unauthorized’ visitors gaining access to your property.

Caution when approaching traffic lights ….. do not have windows wide open, leave a small gap at the top to prevent shattering of glass and have ALL doors locked to hinder any attempted hijackings or smash and grabs. Keep children advised on being alert, especially driving to and from school fixtures and functions. We have a lot of loiterers in and around all suburbs due to the lack of employment so chance and survival are on most minds.

If you are unfortunate to be a victim, please DO NOT FIGHT BACK OR RESIST, you will only be hurt. Material goods can be replaced, but LIFE is far more precious. Be warned that most gangs are armed and are not afraid to use them. Try not to make eye contact and do what they say - to be a hero may cost you your life.
Let’s ALL fight this crime together - stay ALERT and SAFE !


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