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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lilian Cottirll

Unfortunately, I have some sad news, Lilian has passed away. She was found this morning, Nov 2nd, in her bed by the cleaner. At present we do not know any more details, but it would appear that she has passed away peacefully in her sleep.

I was actually going to e mail people tomorrow, when I was hoping to be able to give you more details, but unfortunately, this news seems to be circulating on Facebook already, though the source has not come from either my sister or myself. At present we do not know when the funeral might be etc, or the actual cause of death, though I would suspect a heart attack.

I saw Lilian a couple of months ago and my Father saw her last Saturday, when she appeared to be ok, though of course had several long standing health problems.

It is a sad day, and she was an amazing person, in that she was so stoical and never complained, despite all that she and John had been through. I know that she had many friends spread across the world now, and spent many happy hours keeping in touch. Her computer was a life saver in many ways, and she took to the technology brilliantly for a person in her eighties.

Will let you know more when I find out.
Margaret Sherman (niece)
PS, If anyone knows of any person who Lilian knew that is not on the list, maybe they could pass on the news, thank you.
Margaret Sherman []

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