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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Dear Reader,

This afternoon myself and two good friends had a very constructive meeting, at my request, with a Senior Superintendent at Police Headquarters regarding the Drink Driving Comments that I have been sending out over the past week. We were all pleasantly surprised by a very favourable response and ideas that came from the interaction. It was great to find out that they are making a concerted effort to improve their PR with the general public and to share suggestions on the way forward as far as Traffic and Drinking is concerned

The selection of these emails that I sent to him have been forwarded to the relevant Deputy Commissioner and the Police officer commanding Borrowdale and Highlands - showing just how seriously they are taking the matter.

We spoke about the following subjects :

1. Drink Driving

2. Underage Drinking at Night clubs

3. The illegality of selling / giving alcohol to drunk patrons at any licenced establishment

4. Very drunk young ladies being taken advantage of by several drunk young men after the “Bender”

5. The use of Cell phones whilst Driving

6. Police Roadblocks and the, soon to be implemented addition of barbed barriers, to prevent drivers not stopping when ordered to

7. The escalation of Police Presence in and around shopping centres, night clubs and popular entertainment spots

8. Dagga usage and hard core drugs being sold to the rich kids on the block

9. Citizens arrests for people that are obviously way over the drink drive limit

We were told that the officer concerned would be compiling an email for me to send out to readers this weekend giving details of measures the Police are about to implement to improve on all of these matters

They are aware of the major party supposedly happening at Sam Levy’s Village tonight and there will be an increased Police Presence watching out for the things listed above. There are also undercover Police out there ! So make sure your underage kids are not out drinking at night clubs tonight –– make sure that your child is not the first one to be made an example of

More importantly - make sure there is a designated driver for those that are planning to “hit it hard” tonight – we do not want them to be included in the first fatality of this festive season!!

If you feel that I am a party pooper as one reader said this morning, please feel free to unsubscribe from this list! Her email included the following comment about one of these drinking places:

“This is the festive season and all XXXX wants to do is give youngsters a good time - it's up to the people to act responsibly - XXXX are not their nannies. “

I hope you have a very pleasant weekend – Mike G

1 comment:

  1. Isn't there a clause or condition on the Liquor Licence with regard to responsible service of alcohol? The person who owns this/these establishment/s should have their licence/s revoked if they are serving under aged children and people who are already obviously over the limit.