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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Dear Mike,

For what it's worth, here is another entry in the on-going litany of thefts occuring at night.

We collected friends from Harare airport last evening around 10:00 PM.

I noticed a funny noise emanating from a rear tyre as we turned at Coke Corner.

Near Railray Avenue a dark black vehicle came up next to us to tell us we had a flat (it was actually becoming flat at that point).

It was then, that my instinct kicked in and I sensed a bigger problem, and said that I am not stopping anywhere down town Harare (especially with ladies in tow), and so proceeded to a well lit medical institution in the Avenues to park, so that we could change the tyre with help of a local guard and friends in our vehicle.
A few minutes later, as we are in the process of changing over tyres, a vehicle comes along and parks next to us (we assumed it was coming to the medical institution, which is a normal response, as there were vehicles coming and going).
We were somewhat preoccupied with the tyre change, so did not focus for long on that vehicle.

Next thing we know, our doctor friend says, "they've reached in and stolen something". Sure enough, a man from the vehicle took our friend's wife's hand bag from off the floor of my dbl cab, which was hidden out of sight, and absconded with passport, money, camera, Kindle, etc.

After reflection, we all realized that it was the same dark vehicle, with three grown men inside, that we had seen downtown a few minutes earlier.

Our friend then gave chase on foot and caught up to the one miscreant, who proceeded to turn on our friend with a club and hit him on the hand. The assailant then jumped into the now awaiting car and it fled...the vehicle had no registration (of course).

From our recollection to the police, the vehicle appeared to be of European origin.

These people are brazen and are not shy to attempt to steal even with a number of us standing right there. They chose their moment carefully and hit fast.

Let me encourage your readers to be extra vigilant around this Christmas season if they are doing an airport run late at night, and be sure they're travelling with an escort who can wield a club in defence (such as a strong, young domestic) if they are doing a late collection at the airport.

Advent blessings of joy and peace.


Chris Goppert

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