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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A sign of the times

Dear Reader

I walked over to Sam Levy’s Village just after midnight last night to check out the 10 hour party that was happening there in the new car park behind the new Borrowdale Spar. They would not let me in to the gig! I did not have the correct (Fake) ID Card that the under age kids are all organising at Photo World all made legal with the Authentic “Justice of the Peace” Stamp that is doing the rounds!
Young girls and guys all wandering around carrying those ICE Vodka bottles or plastic Coke Bottles with anything but Coke in them - all ages – totally illegal by the way to walk in a public place drinking alcohol – whether you are over 18 or not. Noted a group of 3 guys light up an (obvious) joint going into the place. If I can see that happen within 1 min of being there why can’t the plain clothes Police? The kids were still streaming in and a few were already inebriated at 12.30am. What were they going to be like at the end of the night?

We need to change the whole culture of our youth in Zimbabwe. Many of these youngsters seem to think that they must drink more shooters than their mates and be more drunk than them. So that they can go back home sometime the next day and boast on Facebook about how “Wasted” they were the night before and they actually brag about how they can’t remember anything!

I feel we need a few motivational speakers to address the girls at Chisi and Arundel about the reality of binge drinking and what the young guys really plan to do with these girls early the next morning! – talk to the boys at St Georges and St Johns (etc, etc) about growing up to be responsible individuals – not sheep – any takers? – I suggest one or two Police Representatives be taken along to the school assemblies for this (Shock Treatment) purpose – and preferably on a Friday just before they ask mom and dad to go that special “Wow” night club!
Regards – Mike G

.........To everyone who is proactively doing something to stop this craziness re: drinking and driving. Even more alarming is the age of the girls at the night clubs; some as young as 13 years old!!

Which parents are standing by and allowing this to happen? What happens to those girls when they wake up the next morning and remember what they did whilst under the influence? How many "D&C's" are being performed on teenagers who are pregnant? What shred of self-respect do these girls really have when they can't remember what they did, with whom and when? We are allowing a generation of alcoholics to attend regular training sessions in our night clubs, our homes, our communities and should they forget how to ensure they get themselves into the lifestyle, many need look no further than mum or dad .. or both setting a fine example.

No apologies for being a party pooper ... if my email can prevent one more coffin from travelling to a premature resting place then mission accomplished.

The Western Cape Local Government is running a TV campaign called 'Safely Home' using footage from CCTV cameras mounted on highways in SA. The ads are also on YouTube and are 'not for sensitive viewers or children' and can be seen here
I had noticed the increased presence of police checks when returning from Reps to Kambanji after 9pm. It's reassuring to know they're policing - as is their duty.

The drinking and driving has become way out of control and it's marvellous the community as a whole is making the effort to engage all in the need to curb this dangerous activity.

As to XXXX and her comments: what could be more party pooping than dead/maimed patrons unable to fill her coffers. I'm betting she will not accept with equanimity the results of some drunk crashing into her and maiming her for life. She needs a reminder of her responsibility to the community that fulfils her needs.

It takes a village to raise a child. As a community we have a responsibility to each other, not just the 'child'.
the mere fact that xxxx and whoever else offers kids entrance of $10 for girls and $20 for boys and drink as much as you like, is not acting responsibly on xxxx part! don’t you think? this is just saying drink as much as you like, we don’t care, just pay the entrance. AAARGH!!!

well done for taking initiative!. Now also go for those owners of the establishments they need to be…… named and shamed

If ever you are in comms with the traffic police again PLEASE would you mention the danger of the Harare Mutare road. I don't think I have ever travelled that road without witnessing a dreadful accident. Last week there were FOUR major crashes when we went to Harare and THREE when a friend went a few days later. It is a nightmare.

The minibuses and the big black powerful cars (or similar type) overtake in the face of oncoming traffic or on blind rises/corners and just presume you will find a way to avoid hitting them.

I think the police should have roving vehicles between the towns/cities so there is a presence. If you swerve off the road to avoid having a head on, you have the chance of killing or maiming an innocent bystander/pedestrian. The whole road has become a death trap.

Your reader (whose comments are quoted below) says pub owners are not their nannies may be correct – but the parents are being totally irresponsible and should also be held accountable. The owners of the venues can’t keep track on who is drinking what – but they can do something about it and I have a suggestion. What about an additional tax on anyone with a license to sell booze to cover the cost of additional police people whose sole job it is to stand outside the venues and as the kids come out to leave – follow them to the car and do a breathalyzer if it is deemed necessary and arrest these kids the minute they get into the car and put the key into the ignition. The kids can argue their innocence in court at a later stage. Also institute a HUGE fine like thousands of dollars – an amount that could really hurt the parents and perhaps impound vehicles. The kids however still need to get home coz there is not enough space in the prisons! So maybe cover charges should also include a bus service to do a once round at the end of the evening and take the drunk kids home and drop off the policemen at the end of the shift.

I also know that some of these kids are out of control and there are parents who are unable to discipline them. Be that as it may – if they get drunk and wipe themselves out it is of course sad but so much more sad is the sober responsible person who gets wiped out because they happen to be in the line of fire of the irresponsible drunk!

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