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Saturday, June 9, 2012

4x4 Notice

Our next Main Circuit meeting will be held on Sunday 1st July and we are very pleased to welcome Toyota Zimbabwe as our sponsor. We will have more competitors than before, and increased advertising should see a bigger crowd as well. The sweep has been resurfaced, and we have asked the contractor to do Tingles as well, although they are committed to work on the kart circuit, so Tingles may have to wait until after our July meeting. I encourage everyone to go out during the week and take a few runs around the sweep to settle the surface. Especially the bike guys, I am sure that you will want to have the gravel swept away before raceday.
The Vintage and Classic Club are using the Main Circuit this Saturday 9th for a run, so please note that the circuit is CLOSED on that day. We are hoping that allowing them to have a run will generate some interest in racing amongst their members, and that the traffic will help the new surface on the sweep.
There have been some unpleasant scenes at the Main Gate as people attempt to enter to practise without paying while other events are being held. I am pleased to say that those involved have not been Sables members, but it is worth stressing that when an event is being held at the complex, the organising club has effectively booked the whole complex. They can charge any fee that they like at the gate, and in fact are entitled to insist that all other tracks are closed. I suggest that if you want to practise during another event, you pay the required fee at the gate, and then check with the Clerk of the Course that he is ok with you being there. After all, if you do hurt yourself, he will have to send his ambulance to pick you up. It is only good manners after all. And obviously do not run around in a rally car if there is an event on, as all the access roads become public roads.
You will all have noticed how crowded the pits are becoming now that we have more competitors. It is a great situation to be in, but it does mean that we will have to tighten up on a lot of things or people are going to get hurt. We just do not have the manpower to put marshals everywhere, so we need you to help us by looking after your pit and the people in it. Please do not allow smoking and drinking around you even if you do not know them, and especially do not allow children to move around unsupervised. Imagine if one is hit. Also, please park sensibly, and understand that we will have to limit the number of vehicles that you bring into the pit area. We are going to try and make Sables corner more attractive to those not competing, by moving the bar and catering down there, and having the music and jumping castles there as well. That should free up some space in the pits.
I have been approached with regards to running some Supermotard events at our race meetings. Would anyone like to assist Gary Grainger in setting up a track?

Remember that we on the organising committee are always willing to listen to helpful suggestions if you buy us a beer. If you want to winge then the complaints dept is on the 42nd floor and the lift is broken. Please use the stairs

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