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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Just to let your readers know I had intruders in my house on Saturday afternoon around 3 pm.  I heard a noise in my bedroom (I was next door at my
laptop) and thought it was the cats so walked in and there was a man standing in my room.  I shouted at him to get out of my house and he backed
away and ran towards the gate. I took a short cut out the front door and got to see his face.  Medium build, mixed race, light coloured, very black
hair and eyebrows, heart shaped face, and smartly dressed. The all weather jacket was good quality and at the back was a zigzag design with a
big blue “Z” in the middle of a circle.  I just saw the back leg of another guy  go out of the pedestrian gate of my big gate.    In no time at all I heard
a car pull away.
Looked around, nothing missing except two extension plugs ripped out of the walls! How weird is that?  Thank God I had just put my handbag away
which I had left on the bed – for sure he would have run off with it.  Now I do not know if they had a key to that inner gate or if my domestics
were careless (which they deny of course!). Vigilance is the key word here.

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