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Friday, June 1, 2012

Vehicle licencing

If anyone has to change the address in their registration books to comply with the new licensing regulations, I've just done mine and this is what is needed:

1. The original and a copy of a utility bill as proof of residence for each registration book.  If your home is in a company name make sure you have a copy of your CR14 for each reg book too.

2. The owner's I D.  I took mine but was not asked to produce it though I was told to bring it when I phoned.

3. Registration book(s)

Go to the first floor of the Central Vehicle Registry (in Robson Manyika Avenue), pick up a CVR04 form from reception and complete the relevant sections, proceed to the office at the end of the corridor where it will be checked and initialed. 

You will then be sent back to the reception area to pay your $3 per registration book and therafter back to the end office to have the new address added to your registration book. 

The CVR was busy but orderly and efficient and took me about an hour from start to finish.
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