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Friday, September 21, 2012

Rusty highstreet lighting

 Just by the KGVI barracks entrance on Borrowdale Road this morning (Weds) a rotted and rusty high street lighting standard fell across the road, right into the path or directly onto a vehicle travelling towards the city. The driver would have had no inkling of what was happening, no chance even to apply brakes or take evasive action and he would have been at cruising speed. The vehicle’s occupants were either killed or seriously injured. I tipped off the NewsDay news editor and it may be that he got a photographer there before the wreckage was cleared away and to back it with a story. It seemed to me that publication could and should open debate on these extremely dangerous contraptions balanced on their increasingly rotting bases along roadsides – thousands of them. Between State House and the Helensvale turnoff there must be many hundreds of these wobbling symbols of indifferent non-maintenance. It would mean a massive campaign to rid the city of them and the expense would no doubt be prohibitive. It’s therefore not much good warning motorists. John

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