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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Notice from ZNSPCA about puppy farming

To all our friends, supporters and animal lovers

We at the SPCA have received many complaints from members of the public together with the vets, who are concerned about the growing incidence of puppy farming
and syndicated smuggling of puppies across our borders.

1. Most puppies being sold are claimed as pedigree puppies - unfortunately this is not the case. Often puppies are interbred (parents may be brother and sister) this presents many defects most of which only present themselves as the animals grow up.

2. Puppies are sold with fake documentation including fake vaccination certificates and consequently often contract diseases such as parvo virus and distemper.
3. Puppies are produced under the most horrific and cruel conditions, many do not survive. Those that do are smuggled in boxes, car boots and under seats as they undergo terrible journeys. Often they not fed or offered water for extended periods.
4. Buying a puppy without knowing its exact history nor seeing its birth parent is a sure indication of a factory farmed animal. You are supporting cruelty by fuelling demand.
5. The smuggling of animals is now rated globally as second to that of drugs and is run by syndicated criminals. Yes even here in Zimbabwe these criminals are thriving.

A proven fact is that cross breed animals live longer healthier lives than pedigrees.

The SPCA has many happy, well adjusted and healthy puppies all looking for suitable homes.

Remember each time you buy a puppy from criminal or gang producers you cause the death of 10 puppies in an animal shelter.
Opt to adopt!

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