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Sunday, May 11, 2014

\self Catering in National Parks

Self catering is essential to keep hwange national park main camp viable... the restaurant could not possibly cater efficiently for all lodges cottages and campers at the same time... please do not destroy the essential essence of main camp by doing this... we will support the restaurant.... but to do away with self catering will kill the the whole concept of Main camp.... 


If self catering is done away with, National Parks & Wildlife are likely to lose  a lot of business from clients/families who have you have young children who are fussy with their food. You will also discourage clients who have special diets, such as vegetarians or those who require halaal or Kosher meals. Going on an outing in the bush means you want to eat your favourite food that you can cook yourself. Regrds Sammy.


Please Please do not do away with self catering accommodation in National  Parks. It is the only chance many of your Zimbabwean families and pensioners are able to afford seeing the wild life of Zimbabwe    Helene

Thanks for the survey that you have sent to us all. We normal only go to Mana Pools, which as you know, does not have a restaurant. If they were to build one, I feel it would be the thin edge leading to the sort commercialisation that has to avoided, in order to keep Mana the unique place that it is. I could go on for some time on the subject, but I am sure you understand my feelings, and that of a get number of people we have had the privilege of visit Mana with.   Regards Mike


It will be the “kiss of  death” – that is the only way it’ s even vaguely affordable for locals right now.. how do they begin to even contemplate taking this on, unless chicken inn moving in, totally lowering the tone  and there is  a ‘hidden agenda..’ that we know nothing about ...oh dear.


We always cook for ourselves especially where there are no restaurants. It would be a great shame to lose this facility!!


I like to cater for myself.  I like to be able to relax and barbecue. And also I prefer to make my own breakfast and to prepare lunches. IF it is too expensive to maintain stoves – then just give us a barbecue and a kettle and stirfry cooker or something like that.  Please do NOT remove the option of being able to self-cater.  It is one of the joys of being in the bush and of staying with national parks rather than private operators


cooking creates the experience, affordability, healthy meal preferences.......the past success of Parks has been this type of self catering option which should not be forgotten with one badly planned decision





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