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Friday, July 25, 2014

Anti-hijack Trust report for July




July is mid-year and mid-winter!  …. As we enter into the last half of 2014 let’s make it as safe as possible. We need to always have a good security plan in place whatever the season.  A plan that’s becomes second nature and is carried out on a daily basis as part of your routine by all members in the team.

These reminders are not to scare you but to keep you AWARE, ALERT and on your GUARD.

In August we have a long weekend which we all look forward to, so make sure you have all your alarms, remotes, sensors and backup systems in good working order so that the weekend can be a pleasant one with no regrets. In this check, make a secure plan for your domestic animals to be well looked after in your absence.


Please be extremely careful when leaving public car parks it has been brought to notice that motorists are finding that as they drive a little distance the vehicle has a flat wheel.  Do NOT just stop on the side of the road, please make it to a safe well lit area, and preferably with people around to give assistance if needed.  Before leaving a car park, after putting all shopping and valuables out of sight, check under the wheels for a small spring shaped piece of sharp metal which will puncture the tyre when ridden over. This is a ‘new’ tactic and we need to be well aware of this.  This has happened more than once.


It is noted that many of the major traffic lights are being manned by the Traffic Police in the absence of power …. This is a great assistance to the motoring public, and seems to keep the traffic flowing in all directions.  We still need to assist by obeying these officers, do not try jump the queue as this causes unnecessary confusion and accidents. Keep off mobiles whilst travelling, to use them whilst driving is an offense …. Let’s be more thoughtful, to just stop with the hazard /warning lights flashing to answer a call is also an offense if you must answer get completely off the road and out of the moving traffic from both sides. The best solution is to call back once you have reached your destination.


 Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE !


Phone : 0772221921 or your nearest Police Station

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