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Monday, July 14, 2014

Croc Attack

We, the owners of Gache Gache Lodge, are sorry to report a tragic accident in the Gache Gache River on the afternoon of the 6th July. A man was taken by a crocodile whilst on shore, pulling his yacht further up the bank. This took place opposite Gache Gache Lodge by the red banks for those of you familiar with Gache, behind what we call Bird Island.  The Baileys and their friends were not staying at the lodge, but came in for help after the incident.  Ray was in Harare but he sent out a professional team from the lodge to look for the croc yesterday evening and to recover the body.  The team located the crocodile which was approximately 14ft long, and shot it.  Our sincere condolences go to Jenny Bailey at this sad time, she was on the yacht when Mac was taken. Jenny and their friends who were with them at the time, on their own yacht, then stayed the night at our lodge, where they were taken care of. Thank you to Warren and the team who did not hesitate to help and for acting so professionally in a difficult situation.  Thank you to all those who assisted to get Parks and the Police across the lake to do their part, it is much appreciated and great to see that camaraderie at a time like this. The true Zimbo spirit at its best.

Please let this be a serious wake up call to everyone who goes to Kariba. I recall over Christmas and New Year when I put out a notice to the public not to stand in the water fishing, or sit in a deck chair in the water!! fishing (yes this was seen by us!!), or allow your children to do this or dangle legs over the boats whilst moving around on Kariba.  The crocs are brazen and follow boats, even houseboats. We hope that as there are plenty fish now, that they don’t need to attack people, but don’t tempt fate. It happens, as seen yesterday.  Take a bucket with water in it on the boat to wash your hands in, do not lean over and wash them in the river/lake. Be vigilant... It’s just not worth it. Thank you, Pat Townsend.

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