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Saturday, March 19, 2016


I want to tell your readers to be on guard again for unwelcome visitors. We live on a close in Borrowdale area. Yesterday afternoon two men lifted our gate and one of them came down the drive way. When confronted by our housekeeper he said he had the wrong house and left. He and his buddy took off in a small silver car. This is a repeat of several years ago when there was a spate of afternoon intrusions and theft. We have bolted the gate.


We were driving round Borrowdale area yesterday and were horrified to see three separate teenagers in one morning driving with DJ style earphones - like ear defenders covering their ears.

There is no way those kids will hear anything whether they are listening to music or anything at all for that matter, it is so dangerous...whether it's illegal or not it should be, please is there anything we can do about this? Horrified citizen


We had a great afternoon at Rugby in the National Stadium on Saturday afternoon.  It just turned sour after the game: We got pick pocketed of an i-phone. And while discussing this, we suddenly found an HP-computer bag at our feet. It must have been thrown there by some thief as well.  In the bag was a photo camera!  We do not think the camera and the bag belong together. It looks more like the camera was put in the bag by the thief.  Please if anyone lost the camera, please call me, tell me what brand it is and what it looks like. I'd like to give it back to the rightful owner.

By the way: I phone: if you have find my i-phone, you can locate your phone. We did: and located the phone in Ruwa. The police was very helpful and went with to the location. It did take the whole Sunday, but the phone was found, the thieves admitted to be guilty and they are sitting in jail. 3 of them. I hope I can make someone just as happy returning the camera!  Call me: Wilma: 0774-342648


A group of us went out to Lake Chivero on Thursday for lunch at Kuimba Shiri.   The food is high quality good quantity and reasonably priced. We sat down at a table under their tree canopy and beside the Blue Bulls rugby team who were having a day off and being served up most wonderful plates of fresh crisp chips and big steaks!!  No better place than to have chosen Kuimba Shiri with the fish eagles calling and the beautiful setting of the lake.  However, not long there, and suddenly at 1.20pm there are suddenly 11 little paddle boats out on the water not far from where we were sitting putting out fishing nets over a big area.   This blatant plundering of the fish stock in broad daylight – and to all accounts, Parks and Wildlife do absolutely nothing about it.   For discerning visitors this is such a bad image for our beautiful Zimbabwe.


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