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Saturday, March 19, 2016


Hi everyone .Today I read an article on Bambazonke about some poor soul charged for his exhaust facing the wrong position .Didnt know such a ludicrous law existed !!...But after some police jumped out from behind a palm tree and continued to extort money for all sorts of bizarre things , I felt more sorry for the poor chaps across the road who drove into eachother and seemed to have done so during the so called "blitz" operation when they got taken aback.It also made me think back to Christmas when I had to go abroad to work to survive a few months here at the ludicrous comments on "whats the done thing " for xmas boxes and some pensioner mentioned we should all put away some for xmas.Never mind the fact that some of us dont get to celebrate xmas with our spouses and kids because of the defunct economy here, today I was wondering where on earth must we find any charity money for the poor when the police are so regularly  robbing us .Then again , maybe the Zim I struggle to live in is just others paradise !!!!  

Sad and disappointed zimbabwean.


In reply to Dave Fleming: Dave, let's all get our exhaust pipes turned out to face the right side...this way they can set fire to 'anyone' who may happen to b standing in the middle of the road...ah for goodness sake man guys, when do we call enough enough? I drive this road often. My wife was pulled over ( I was driving behind her) and the officer goes on to say that the third plate had been tampered with...he then proceeded to enter her car and scrape it off the screen...damaging it in the process....???so now if it was stuck on well enough to get ripped when he removed it isn't it he who has tampered with it? Sirbrowndsound


Hear hear! It seems the only complaints about bulk water come from those with boreholes who are upset when they dry up and have to purchase water like the rest of us! The ZINWA tariffs on Bulk Water are a travesty. Its nothing more than a tax on the people who are doing ZINWA's job for them. I fully understand that, as far as our environment and future water supplies go, the current situation is dire and getting worse. But please, please, lets suggest viable alternatives before simply raising the price of bulk water and making it more and more difficult for people to supply bulk water. I don't get council water, i don't have a borehole, and I can barely afford to purchase bulk water. What am I supposed to do?


You might want to let other readers know some implications to changes made by the Minister of Finance in January this year.  Over the past two years I have been doing most of our clothes shopping (myself and the children)  on line from Mr Price SA for obvious reasons of affordability.  If you bought anything for less than $50 including postage it was delivered to your house duty free.  Two weeks ago I ordered three pairs of shoes totalling US$37 including postage.  Waited for delivery within the usual one week - nothing came through.  Into the second week I get an SMS message from a person at Courier Connect to come with $25 to collect my parcel.  (not send from official line,actually looked fishy to me).  Anyway after a phone call to Courier Connect and ZIMRA at the central sorting office learnt that the regulations had been changed from 1 January.  Anything imported with a value of $10 or more now attracts duty plus $10 'handling fee' by Courier Connect.  So.. after buying shoes worth $29, postage of $8 from SA I pay an additional $25 in charges on the Zim side.  If this is not a rip off I don't know what else to call it ... needless to say I will not be bringing in anything else via this route and make these uncalled for 'donations' to ZIMRA! Ropafadzo, Harare


I have been asked kindly by the staff at Makuti Lodge to please spread the word that their water pump has finally been fixed and they are now OPEN for business. They had to close last year in November as no running water and have taken a real hit from it. The staff are super friendly, the loos always clean, drinks always ice cold and food is great - simple and tasty.  The garage currently has diesel in stock and hope to get petrol very soon.... I wondered if you could spread the word. They really need support. Much appreciated. Hayley


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