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Monday, September 13, 2010

Anti-hijack Trust

August has seen an increase on crime again … mainly house robberies, with gate motors, swimming pool and borehole pumps being high on the list. Power cuts have been extremely long, and therefore perfect for the underworld to work in – it means that the upgrade of security is essential where at all possible. It seems that ALL suburbs have been targeted so take this is a WARN ING to be on your guard.

In Central Business District (City centre/surrounding areas) there have been reports of ‘missing’ vehicles which have turned out to be that vehicles have been clamped and then towed away by the City of Harare for parking in NO PARKING areas. Be warned, make sure you are in a parking area and that you have the parking discs displayed and filled in correctly. Do not double park and leave vehicles running as you are then leaving yourself wide open for theft as well as being on the wrong side of the law. Please keep in mind the safety of your vehicle. There is an increase of motorists not wearing seatbelts, talking on mobile phones without using the correct NO HANDS equipment available , jumping the traffic lights etc whilst travelling, - generally not being vigilant to the rules of the road, with an increase of accidents and sadly even loss of life due to carelessness. As motorists we must be fully aware and alert at all times, do NOT take other people’s lives in to your own hands, as so often is the case of the innocent victim being involved. Lets tame this road rage – be courteous to other motorists, its better to be safe than sorry at the end of the journey. We seem to have a’ motor ‘ jungle out there, let’s control it !

Smash and grabs are still occurring, so be warned, with the warmer weather around the corner, travelling with windows open with valuables etc left within reach or in view is not wise. Keep all items in the BOOT and out of sight. Travelling to and from the airport please make sure all baggage etc is safe and out of view. Its a stressful hassle when passports, money, tickets etc are stolen, this can all be avoided.

Our aim should be to see Zimbabwe as a safe and secure haven for us all to live in !

Let’s ALL fight this crime together - stay ALERT and SAFE !


TEL/FAX: HARARE 04-309870/309800 /091 2

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