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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It is with great sadness to report that the spiraling of crime in all areas has been rather alarming – and though many crime prevention patrols are being put in place there have been many reported cases of theft. Smash and Grabs are still very much in evidence, at not only the well known spots but many traffic lights in and around Harare. Please all be very vigilant when stopping and keep all mobile phones, wallets and valuables out of sight, do NOT leave items i.e. handbags, brief cases, coats, jerseys etc on the seats whilst driving. It is an invitation to the criminals. Be very aware of perpetrators creeping crouched along the side of your vehicle to either smash your window or grab anything that may be in sight, whilst stopped at traffic lights – keep watch in your side mirrors !

Reports of vehicles loitering in areas and driving extremely slowly along the roads and around and about casing the area just looking for the opportunity to rob the public - please report any suspicious vehicle to either your local Neighbourhood Watch hotline or your nearest Police Station. Vehicles have been sighted loitering near schools in a few areas, so be very aware when you drop off and pick up your children. It is wise to tell your children not to accept lifts or go away with anyone that they may not know, or you have not arranged a lift with – this is not to scare them but to keep them all safe.

Whilst traveling to ALL borders do NOT stop in lay byes for any reason, there has been another horrid case reported along the Beit Bridge road near Masvingo of the driver being badly beaten and robbed of suitcases, passports, money, camera and all documents. The intent was to kill the driver who fought back and managed to escape and flag down a vehicle for assistance. There have been numerous reports along this road, of which have been in print, so please be very careful and DO NOT stop unless at a petrol station or town.

There has been reports of handbag slashers where purses and large sums of money taken whilst in a shop or at the tills. It seems that these victims have been under surveillance and were known to have a large sum of cash in the handbag. Be very aware of your surrounding at all times and make sure your handbag is not easily accessible or carelessly left on the counter whilst paying.

Let’s make our Zimbabwe a safe place to visit and live in !

Let’s ALL fight this crime together - stay ALERT and SAFE !

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