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Tuesday, November 30, 2010



November has been a busy month and as we head into the Festive Season … please ensure you have all security plans for home and business premises in place well in advance … do NOT leave it till the last minute as then it just may be too late!

It’s a busy time for all with the build up to Christmas and 2011 … and it’s also ‘shutdown’ for many companies after a long and eventful year! As we start winding down to spend time with family and friends and head out to relax make sure it is with a peaceful mind. We must remember that this is the prime time for good picking for the underworld and we have a high rate of unemployment with many desperate families so be sure to not leave temptation in view or your guard down when it comes to security ….. Let’s make sure it WILL be a Happy Christmas for us all.

There have been a few armed robberies reported mainly in the Avondale area … please be warned. Money being the main objective and at this time of the year we can least afford to lose it … it’s never a good time! Gate motors, swimming pool pumps are still on the hit list … and with all the long power cuts we have been experiencing this month, its difficult to have a backup system that can cope with it all. With the rainy season also upon us, there will be the usual if not more faults so be prepared the best way you can.

Please be careful when parking in open car parks … attending funerals, church, or any function etc as there have been reports of attempted break ins and robbery. Hopefully this will be kept in mind and security in these areas stepped up. Smash and grabs are still ongoing … so be vigilant at all times when approaching traffic light intersections. Keep alert on trips to the airport as this is an ongoing area of crime - both to and from the airport. Keep all luggage etc out of view and do not have anything on the seats or back shelf in the vehicle.

With all this in mind let’s head into the Festive Season with confidence of a happy time with our families and friends… support your local neighbourhood watch units and keep security as an important part of the agenda.

Let’s ALL fight this crime together - stay ALERT and SAFE

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