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Saturday, November 27, 2010

US$100 spot fine for hosepipe use

Municipal Reporter

Harare residents caught using hosepipes for any purposes will have to pay a US$100 spot fine, the City Council has warned.

The city will confiscate the hosepipe and if the user does not have the fine, his/her water supplies would be disconnected until it is paid.

Harare Water distribution and customer service manager Engineer Hosiah Chisango yesterday said: "We will fine the user US$100, confiscate the hosepipe and close supplies if the fine is not paid."

The ban has been in force for years.

In an advertisement published on Monday, the city advised that the ban on hosepipe use was still in force.

Council has a standing resolution on the ban of hosepipes after realising that residents were abusing water through uncontrolled irrigation of their gardens and lawns.

"The City of Harare wishes to advise members of the public that it is a serious offence to use hosepipes.

"A hefty penalty will be charged on anyone found using a hosepipe at anytime of the day."

Harare produces around 600 megalitres of water daily against a demand of 1 200 megalitres. The hosepipe ban is part of mechanisms to keep water demand within check.

However, the ban does not affect residents with boreholes though they are expected to register these with the council at Cleveland House.

Council has reactivated its hosepipe monitoring teams and has called on people to whistle-blow violators.

Eastern and Northern suburbs that have traditionally suffered unreliable water supplies have this year generally had a steady supply.

These include Mabvuku, Tafara, Highlands, Hatcliffe, Chisipite, Grange, Kambanji, Greendale and Glen Lorne.

Companies that sold water in these suburbs are reportedly folding up as residents access cheaper city water.

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