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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Revised implementation date

From: [] On Behalf Of Sean Quinlan Subject: SI154 - Revised implementation date As advised by the Standards Association of Zimbabwe today: "This letter serves to inform you the implementation date of the statutory 154 of 2010 has been moved to June 2011. Please note that the following still remains: That the reflective triangle has to be reflective on both sides and all
the initial requirements That the fire extinguishers has to be approved by SAZ." (Our comment: It is still a current requirement that every vehicle carry at least one warning triangle, however the triangle specifications referred to in SI154 only come into effect in June 2011. Various fire extinguisher manufacturers have applied for SAZ approval and these units should become available within weeks). Big Sky Supplies – We prepare you for your journey 9 Pomona Shopping Centre Pomona, Harare

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