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Tuesday, March 29, 2011



March has been busy with a lot of reports coming in on suspicious vehicles cruising around shopping centres and people being followed from different areas and in most of the cases this has been a silver Golf (Imported not local) with no number plates. Please all be on your guard, and take notice of what is going on around you. Be vigilant and if you suspect you are being followed do NOT stop or go into your driveway, keep moving to the nearest Police Station or a busy well lit area for help. Try not to stop on the side of the road to chat or exchange parcels or such like, as you then become a PRIME target. This vehicle has tried to cutoff and make the driver pull over pointing at the tyres with the HAZARD lights flashing …. Fortunately a warning had previously gone out and the driver took heed and kept on going to find that nothing was wrong with the tyres … you need to have the presence of mind to realize it’s a scam. This vehicle has been reported to the Police and hopefully will be caught and the perpetrators brought to book. This vehicle has been spotted for quite some time now, so be aware.

House robberies are ongoing, and entry is being gained by removing wall panels or jumping over the wall into the yard and then robbing the home or demanding money. In some cases the alarm system had not been activated and therefore had not triggered off a response and the perpetrators then have’ free range’ and time to pick and choose goods wanted. Gate motors and swimming pool pumps are still high on the agenda. Do not leave anything lying around or out in the open, that is an open invitation. Neighbourhood Watch is a great deterrent and they can only operate correctly if they have the support of the residents in the area - we all want to have our families safe and secure. Remember it takes effort on all sides.

City of Harare are trying to get the street lights working in as many areas as possible, but this takes time. Be very careful when driving at night, or in a storm, of the pot holes in the road. There are many and these cause severe damage to your tyres and vehicle - reduce speed and keep to the rules of the road, the use of mobile phones is illegal whilst driving if you do not have the hands-free equipment in your vehicle. The standard of driving is deteriorating rapidly – lets curb the road rage and bad habits and make Zimbabwe safe for all.

Let’s ALL fight this crime together - stay ALERT and SAFE !


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