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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reps Reporter March 2011

March has been a busy month for Reps, so we hope there is something for everyone in and around the theatre now and in the coming few weeks. Our Chairman, Teri Grimmel, is away for a holiday at the fairest Cape, so this month’s Reps Reporter comes from the Reps office. As a special extra exclusive to Reps members this month, see below how you can stand a chance of winning complimentary tickets for our current main stage show.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Well done to all those people who won awards at the very elegant Reps Afdis Awards of Excellence for 2010, held on February 26. A large audience was present for the awards ceremony and show (in which singers Fiona Garrity, Alex Fairlie and Dean Jones joined the band led by Tony Palmer in a selection of numbers). Thanks to Malcolm Hollingworth, Yvonne Mambo and the Afdis team for their continued sponsorship and their hosting of a very enjoyable and pleasant event. The full list of award winners is as follows:

The John Keeling Award for Best Actor in a Lead Role – Kevin Hanssen as Jean in Miss Julie

The George Barnes Award for Best Actress in a Lead Role – Fiona Garrity as Judith Bliss in Hay Fever

The Alan Parkinson Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Alex Fairlie as Hans in ‘Allo ‘Allo

The Allan Shaw Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role – Thea Cutler as Jackie Coryton in Hay Fever

The Sue Greener Technical Award – Tim Garrard for the set design of ‘Allo ‘Allo

The Hugh Dornhurst Trophy for Best First Performance – Danielle Connolly as Yvette in ‘Allo ‘Allo

The Prentice Trophy for Best Performance in a Minor Role – Roger Fairlie as Leclerc in ‘Allo ‘Allo

The Reps Award for Best Performance by a Junior – Amy Bolt for Tomorrow in 50 Golden Years and as Jane in Babes in the Wood

The Alastair and Wendy Booth Award for Best Comedy Performance – Alex Fairlie as Hans in ‘Allo ‘Allo

The Dave Roberts Memorial Trophy for Most Outstanding Musical Performance – Kirby Chipembere as Joseph in Joseph

The Dennis Granger Award for Best Contribution to Dance and Movement – Blessing Fire for Joseph

The Isabeau Granger Award for Best Director – Zane E. Lucas for Hay Fever

The Marjorie Legg Cup for Best Stage Properties – Philippa Johnston & Adrian Bonney for ‘Allo ‘Allo

The Trevor Keeling Award for Best Stage Management – Jonathan Hall for Babes in the Wood

The Oude Meeste Cup for Best Production – Hay Fever (directed by Zane Lucas, stage managed by Ruth Mackinnon)

The Adrian Stanley Award – Kyla Render, for her immersion in all things theatrical in 2010, from acting, stage management and continuity and, of course, her active participation with Repteens, all done so willingly even while completing her final year studies.

The Munro Trophy for Best All Round Contribution – Linda Hyde, as always, she has been involved in every aspect of our society in 2010, from directing to stage management, workshop liaison, set design, stage properties, stage crew, lighting, marketing and publicity and many other endeavours.

The Steve Bonney Special Award – Tracy Garrard, for her dedicated involvement and enthusiasm in the sound department, including the encouragement and training of many newcomers.

The Theatrical Advancement Award (Reps Afdis Schools Festival) – Gateway School for their production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

The Theatrical Advancement Award Runner Up – Eaglesvale School for The Lion and the Jewel

The Repteens Awards for 2010:

The Shaheen Jassat Award for Best Actress – Yara Hanssen

The Repteens Trophy for Best Actor – Aidan Dawson

The Arron Trophy for Most Contribution - Munya Magwaro; Meredith "Fluffy" Render & Gerald Chinyamunzore

The Bartlett Comedy Cup – Fraser Flight and Aidan Dawson

Best Technical – Munya Magwaro

Best Overall Mime and Movement – Alex Ckalikuti

The Gaskin Cup for Most Improved Actor - Kuzivakwashe Muvezwa

The Repteens Trophy for Most Improved Actress – Emily Greeff

Dream Lover on the main stage

The musical revue Dream Lover has been the attraction on main stage in March, occupying the slot from March 10 to 26. The show features songs from four of the greatest singer-songwriters of the 50s, 60s and 70s, Neil Sedaka, Connie Francis, Bobby Darin and Carole King, and stars a cast of 35 singers and dancers. The show has been directed by Stan Higgins, with choreography by June Cloete and costume design by Collina Mvududu of the Reps Wardrobe, providing her first input as costume designer. Marc Thomas is the show’s narrator and singers include Nikki Ziehl, Dean Jones, Innocent Museve, Faith Ganyau, Andre Breytenbach, Rumbi Chimunda and many others, including some great newcomers to Reps and to the stage. Twelve exciting young dancers from June Cloete’s academy are the dance cast. The show run ends on Saturday March 26, with performances at 7pm each night (except Sundays and Mondays) and a matinee on Saturday March 26 (2.30pm). The music of the show has broad appeal and will be enjoyed especially by people who like some of the older music of the rock and pop era. Please spread the word and get these shows well supported! Advance booking is, of course, open at The Spotlight.

Humble Boy in Theatre Upstairs

Graham Crutchley directs this stunning drama in Theatre Upstairs, running at 7pm each day from Thursday March 24 to Saturday April 2 (preview March 23 and additional matinee on April 2 at 2.30pm). The cast includes Alex Fairlie, Fiona Garrity, Joe Levey, Mike Blackburn, Kyla Render and Betty Hobbs. As always, Graham has selected an excellent play and its unusual setting and staging will be surprising and pleasing for audiences. A short run means advance booking is a very good idea.

Rent occupies the main stage in early April

The excellent musical Rent comes to the stage in Zimbabwe for the first time in April, when Zane E Lucas directs this exciting production for Reps. Cast includes Josh Ansley, Zoran Zec, Tina Masawi, Patrick Barrett and others. It’s a contemporary musical with a message and will have special appeal to younger audiences – but it carries a PG16 restriction. Zane’s choice of productions are always on target and this show promises to be one of the hits of 2011, coming hot on the heels of his wins of best production and best director awards in the Reps Afdis Awards event. Book now – it is a very short run because of HIFA moving in just after final night. Opening night is Thursday April 7 (preview night April 6) and closing night is Saturday April 16.

HIFA back again

Great news is that HIFA will once again incorporate the two theatres at Reps. The theme of the festival is The Engagement Party and some very exciting shows are planned for Reps main stage and Theatre Upstairs. HIFA 2011 runs from April 26 to May 2 and tickets will be on sale at the Harare Gardens venue early in April. We welcome HIFA back and look forward to a week of thrilling theatrical treats.

AGM set for April 10

A reminder to all members that the Repertory Players’ AGM will be held in the main stage auditorium at 11am on Sunday April 10 and everyone is encouraged to come along and not only see what happens but have your voice heard if you have thoughts and view on one or more issues. Entertainment will be provided in the bar afterwards, along with a meal, so make a morning and afternoon of it. Don’t say “I’ll leave it to the others” but rather come and be part of the decision-making process in Reps.

Allan Shaw came and went

It was delightful to have had the company of Allan Shaw here in January and February and we thank him for coming out and giving of his time so freely to (a) provide a design for a revamped Theatre Upstairs and (b) run a series of useful workshops. Allan has lost none of his expert touch when it comes to theatre and Reps in particular and we were all delighted to have had him here. Allan was manager of Reps for many years and was involved with scores of productions – apparently more than 150 of them! – and is one of the ‘greats’ in Reps’ history. Thanks to British Airways and British Airways operated by Comair for bring him here and taking him home for free!

May 15 is a date to diarise
On Sunday May 15, there will be a quiz in the members’ bar at 11am, followed by lunch and an afternoon of wine and beer tasting – courtesy of Afdis, Moldon Marketing and Christine Sandford. Watch out for specific news on this day, but diarise it now as it promises to be great fun for all.

Upgrades continue
Work is continuing on various improvements, ranging from gardens and exteriors, to water leaks and electrical problems, and from upgrading the children’s playground to the refashioning of the bar patio. Jenni Ferguson and Tim Garrard are working with Tada Teak on an exciting new look for the patio and plans are now being made for a new look for the foyer bar, with the support of iWayAfrica, successor to MWEB Zimbabwe.

Did you know …

… that members can pre-order drinks in the bar when a show is taking place at Reps? All you need do is order and pay for your drinks before the start of the show and then at interval it will be waiting for you in a pre-allocated placement slot in the bar (those numbered ‘holes in the wall’). This means that on busy nights there’s no need to queue for drinks – just come in, collect your tray and enjoy! This has been a long-standing tradition but of late people have not been making use of the facility – only to find that the bar is really busy (say, on opening nights) during interval and are having to wolf down drinks to get back into their seats on time.

And now a competition
Win tickets for the closing night of Dream Lover this week: all you need do is send to your name and contact cell number and an answer to this easy question: what is the surname of the Connie whose music is featured in Dream Lover?

Until next time, best wishes
Erin Cooper, Society Secretary

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  1. I was looking for information as to when Adrian Stanley first became dircetor of productions at bulawayo reps. i found this sight and it is very informative, It is heartening to find so many white people still living in Zimbabwe. I lived there for almost thirty years but now live on a scottish island in the outer hebrides. Left Harare 8 years ago. Still have family and friends in Byo. and friends in Banket and Harare. God luck to every Zibabwean Black or White for the next elections. My heart is always in Africa.