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Sunday, August 28, 2011


August has seen an increase on crime and some nasty incidences have occurred. House robberies with money, mobile phones, laptops, jewellery and cameras taken, but in most cases money has been the main criteria. The incessant power cuts of long duration have added to this, with most alarms and security systems unable to be fully charged before the next power cut…… its not an easy situation and therefore vigilance and back up security plans must be in place. With the warmer weather just around the corner please make sure all grills and windows have strong locks and alarms are used in areas not occupied and even during the day where possible. There are known gangs moving in and around Harare, known to Police as well, so we all need to be on our guard. Please report any suspicious gatherings to your nearest Police Station or Satellite in your area, as these have been spotted on the corners or verges listening to your domestic and gardening staff as to the activity of the residents, and then break ins or attempts have been reported. These perpetrators are surveying and picking up information from innocent chatter. Squatter camps in many suburbs are known to harbor criminals and stolen property, and these are hard areas to control, this is where the Neighbourhood Watch sticks come into play, so please support and get involved where possible.

Nissan Hard body was stolen from the Headlands farming area, and please remember NO vehicle is excluded from the ‘hit’ list as older models are broken up and sold as spares … we all know to replace these vehicles is a very expensive exercise. Northwood is another area reported for vehicle theft. Please check with Vehicle Theft Squad at Southerton Police Station on a regular basis for recovered vehicles, take your Police Report and RRB number with you.

Please be careful when leaving a venue after a party, where possible do not drive alone especially the young. It has been reported of vehicles stopped at gun point and money being asked for, this is traumatic at any age and extreme caution is advised at all times.

Lets become more security minded …….

Let’s ALL fight this crime together - stay ALERT and SAFE !



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