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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Appral after house fire

Was wondering if anyone was in a position to help here please. On Friday night some friends of ours (John and Freda Wheeler) had a power cut and decided to go out for dinner. On returning to their house they found that it was on fire. Zesa had come back on and blown the circuit board, fire broke out and they only arrived home about 10 minutes after it started. They tried using fire extinguishers and hosepipes, but fire was too big already. They called the fire department who only arrived 1 hour after the initial phone call, and as a result they have lost absolutely everything. There were two other houses in their cul-de-sac that were also affected, but fortunately they were at home at the time and only lost a few rooms each, managed to save the rest of their houses.

I was really shocked when I went to see the house yesterday, I thought a few rooms would be damaged etc, but they literally only have the walls on the house left, no ceilings, no roof, not even a bit of paint on the walls even that was burnt off. Each room just has a pile of roof tiles and ash on the floor, everything is gone! Unfortunately they did not have the money to insure the house, so they do not have claim there, so I am appealing to anyone who has any excess building materials, household items, furniture lying around that is of no use to them, please give it to a very worthy cause. I am happy to collect if you do not have time or fuel to drop off – their address is 27 Walter Hill Avenue in Eastlea.
I seriously doubt they will get anything from Zesa for this, so please help us to help them re-build their family home which they have lived in for over 30 years.
Your kindness and generosity is very much appreciated.

Kind Regards
Debbie Sly
16 Hodson Avenue
Alexandra Park
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