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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Another warning

This is just to tell you that there is a small white car ( looks as though it would be very fast) that has no number plates on it, moving around Mount Pleasant looking for easy gates to access. The three men are big guys who look neat and are well-spoken, but are strong. They leave the driver in the car, walk into the property leaving the gate slightly open and walk into your house saying they are looking for the house that is for sale. One then asks to use the servants' toilet and he runs round the back of the house to see what is there. After walking to the gate with them while my husband and sons were near I pointed out the house number 8 they said they were looking for ??????? ours has a big 3 on it. They left and went on past house #8, obviously trying to get away quickly.

We are spreading the word locally, but your reaction teams also need to know who to look for.

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