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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

snare sweep up the Mucharara river Snare Comment - NATIONAL PARKS - BASIC REGULATION  Two young boys and a Gentleman did a snare sweep up the Mucharara river on Saturday without an escort from National Parks. They did a good job and  found 15 snares and approximately 200 kg of PTC wire in lengths up 4 mts.    This wire was hidden away and was obviously to be used in snaring after  heating to soften. Copper wire was also found. The Area Manager for National Parks, Mr Gwanyanya drove past them, stopped and had a look at what their effort had produced .Mr Gwanyanya praised all for their efforts then berated all for going without an escort. Kariba Animal Wildlife Fund Trust works with National Parks and this is a  tremendous effort these 3 put in BUT would like to remind everyone that  that it is dangerous and against National Park Policy and Law to do this  without an armed National Parks escort