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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Comment from a Reader

Hi All,

A couple of weeks ago we placed ads seeking a house to rent. We were contacted by people claiming they had a house to rent in Twickenham Dr, Mount Pleasant. We arranged to meet with them and were shown the house which we loved. We met up with them the following Monday and signed a lease and paid them the deposit and have not heard from them since. We have since found out that they DID NOT EVEN OWN THE HOUSE! Please be advised that it’s a group of four people (2 males and 2 females) all very well dressed and articulate and very confident whilst showing us around the property. The chances of us getting our money back are slim but we’d feel a lot happier if we can prevent this from happening to anyone else!

We have the following details :
They drive a white Toyota Corolla/Sprinter

Four people claiming to be siblings

Using the surname MUCHENA

Using mobile numbers : 0778 655 859 / 0772 554 046

They have an ID of a ROSEMARY MUCHENA which we suspect doesn’t belong to them (ID # 63-1098655 Y 50) and she claims to work at the UN.

They use the address of 46 Tomlinson Ave in Gunhill as their “home” address which doesn’t actually exist – we checked!

Please please do take care, when we reported this to the police, they told us that we were not the first to make such a report so obviously this scam is working well for them! Take every precaution when viewing properties privately and get as many details as possible such as licence plates of vehicles and even take pictures with your phone if you can!

We really hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else! If anyone is contacted by them please do let us know so that we can pass info onto the police in the hopes of catching them!