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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


it may be helpful to travelers to SA for the holidays etc. We have just returned from a trip to South Africa – while there we were stopped by a Metro policeman on Rondebuilt Road in Boksburg. He was very rude and issued us with a fine of R500 for not carrying an international drivers licence – Graham did produce his Zimbabwe drivers licence at the time but the man insisted that it was not valid.

We called several authorities on this and we ended up seeing Inspector Van Heerden at the main station who said the Zimbabwe licence was valid. He then directed us to the Chief Prosecutor who confirmed that a Zimbabwe licence is a valid document in South Africa – as long as the licence is in English and has a photograph – all the officer that stops you needs to determine is what classes you have.

Would anybody who was at the Tin Roof Bar the early hours of Saturday, 31st March,2012 , who saw the beating of two youngsters, kindly come forward if they have any idea who any of the perpetrators were. This kind of senseless beating up is unacceptable in a supposed civilised country.
I can be contacted on 0773300516. Many thanks , One Extremely Irate Mother


I don't know if readers are aware of the situation with regards claiming medical expenses at the Trauma Centre. (The Trauma Centre was previously AMI and previous to that was The Trauma Centre).
Our son needed treatment a few weeks ago and we were told to pay cash, they did not accept medical aid cards. I then sent in my claim to Cimas, who wrote back and told me that the The Trauma Centre is not registered and they cannot process my claim.
I went to the Trauma Centre today to find out what the situation is. They are not registered and are strictly cash only. I did ask about claiming from medical aids eg. Bupa, Cimas etc and they told me that the only medical aid that can claim from them is Health International.
Maybe it might be a good idea to find out what readers think about this and see which Trauma Centres have been used lately, which ones can be recommended and who will accept cards like Cimas etc.

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