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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Watch out!

On Thursday the 19th of April, I parked my car in George Silundika Avenue between Angwa and First Streets, on the north side of the street just before Executive Chambers. I have a Shurlock alarm system which I activated.

When I got back to the car, I opened the door but was unable to get the car started as the remote to release the alarm lock would not work. I then had a number of “pavement mechanics” stop to help me – I went and bought new batteries for my alarm remote, we tried jump starting from another car but nothing would get it started. My car is an automatic and was in “park” so we could not push it. After 3 hours spent in the street, a friend of mine went and collected the technician from the alarm company and he came and immobilized my alarm. I was then able to get it started.

I was told by a couple of people in the street that the booster on the top of Executive Chambers put there by PowerCell was the problem. However, I am told by my alarm installation company that it was not put there by PowerCell but by government (what for?) and that Potraz have given them the same frequency used by certain car alarms. As a result of this and complaints by customers, I understand that there is to be a meeting between Potraz and the car alarm companies to try and resolve the problem.

I have now had to have something installed that I can use to override my alarm should I be caught in the same situation again.

I think this information should be made available to people so that they are aware of what to do when their alarms are frozen in town.



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