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Monday, October 28, 2013


 The festive season is fast approaching and as we all start to make plans for annual shutdown or time away with family and friends make certain that All security plans are in place well in advance.  Do NOT leave these till the last minute as it is then rushed and maybe not completed correctly.

 October has seen a lot of activity in the underworld and quite a few gangs operating in and around Harare. Reports received from the following areas:  Alex Park, The Grange, Chisipite, Greendale, Glen Lorne, Mandara, Highlands, Ballantyne Park, Avondale, Helensvale, Mount Pleasant, Monavale, Emerald Hill & Highlands.  Be warned …. This has all taken place in both daylight and night hours, they are not shy at accosting you with a ‘story’ of why they are on the property.  It is not wise to leave gates open even if there is a lot of traffic going thru the gate, this is a perfect opening for the perpetrators  to gain entry, and it is usual for there to be more than one on site, and always a getaway car not far off.  Do not leave laptops, cameras, wallets, handbags, jewelry, or cash in view. If disturbed, these men will take anything at hand before taking off.  Panic remotes should be worn at all times to set the alarm off and in most cases scare them to leave before any backup or help arrives.  

In some reports it is felt that a spray is in use that will anaesthetize  both people and animals once sprayed into an area, giving the perpetrators plenty of time to go through  drawers, cabinets, cupboards … in fact the house, and take what they require without disturbing anyone and thankfully leaving the occupants  unharmed.  All of this is not put out to frighten the reader, but to fore warn them not to leave windows, etc open especially if there is no one in that part of the building, engage the alarm where possible.  It is also advisable to check all sensors on a regular basis, those outside need to be in a ‘clear’ area with nothing left hanging on top of them i.e washing from the clothes line etc. or in a shadowed area.  This is all very basic but sometimes over looked.

Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE ! 

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