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Sunday, October 20, 2013

SI 154 Road Traffic regs: Notes for the cubby-hole (No.4 October, 2013) SAFETY EQUIPMENT

SI 154 Road Traffic regs: Notes for the cubby-hole (No.4 October, 2013)
Fire extinguisher
1             Mandatory. 0,75kg (light vehicles). 1,5kg (heavy vehicles)
2             To be SAZ approved and displaying the SAZ logo
3             To be serviceable. (Our understanding is they are required to be refillable. There is no current legislation we are aware of requiring the above units to be serviced, however regular servicing is recommended and professionally refilled when in the red, i.e. below pressure).
4             SI154 does not specify the colour of the extinguisher.

Warning triangle
1             Two triangles are mandatory.
2             Not required to be SAZ approved.
3             A pair is required for a trailer as well as for the towing vehicle.

Fluorescent safety jacket
1             Not mandatory for motorists, only for cyclists at night.
2             There is no reference in the SI to safety jackets for motor cyclists.
3             Recommended for own safety.
4             Is mandatory in Mozambique


Trailers (including horse-trailers):
1             All trailers to have a white T (extreme right, front) and red T (extreme right, rear).
2             A light trailer (load capacity less than 550kg) to display red, 50 mm. honeycomb type reflective tape at the rear of the vehicle, horizontally to within 400 mm of each side of the trailer.
3             ‘Heavy’ trailers (above 550kg) must be fiited with a rear warning sign (a red/yellow chevron plate) and GVM/NVM information.

Reflectors on the sides of vehicles are required when a vehicle or a vehicle towing a trailer has an overall length exceeding 8 metres: Amber, 50 mm honeycomb type reflective tape, horizontally to within 400 mm of the outer edges of the vehicle (front and back).
Cars and Commercial vehicles: Must have two white reflectors at the front and two red at the rear, within 400mm of the sides.

Commercial vehicles:
1             Red, 50 mm honeycomb type reflective tape to be fitted to the rear of the vehicle, horizontally to within 400 mm of each side of the vehicle.
2             GVM/NVM information to be displayed on the left of the vehicle (see
registration book for details).

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Note: Vanettes, pick-ups and double-cabs are classified as commercial vehicles, even small half-tonners. SUV’s (station-wagons) are not classified as commercial vehicles.

Cracked windscreens: We understand it is a fineable offence only if the windscreen is cracked in such a way that it obstructs the drivers vision. Section 54 of SI 154 states: The windscreen shall be so constructed that, if it is damaged in any manner, it will ensure a safe degree of visibility for the driver.
Mozambique regs:
1             If towing, both vehicle and trailer to display blue/yellow triangles. Large triangle on the extreme right, front of vehicle. Small triangle on the extreme right, rear of trailer. (Not required for vehicles not towing).
2             A fluorescent safety jacket is mandatory.

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