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Friday, October 18, 2013


He Mr "use light vehicles" MAD???Potholes reckless drivers - he can continue to dry his small car down potholes & GOOD LUCK!!!!
I agree with ‘fireworks should be banned’.  Not only a safety hazard to dogs, but in this day and age when people are being robbed and some even murdered in their homes, it is a security threat and it pollutes the atmosphere.
Dear Mike, Guy Fawkes ??  correct me if I am wrong but, that was some idiot who unsuccessfully tried to blow up the houses of parliament in the U.K. ???  Why on earth do we celebrate not only a dismal failure, but a failure attempted in the U.K. in the 1800’s ???  What on earth does this have to do with us ???  (being sarcastic) Never the less, I feel that fireworks should be either banned, or used in a controlled environment in an area that will cause less stress not only to animals, but humans as well. Apart from the wastage of good forex, what about the tragedy from deaths that occur every year through accident & misuse ?? Dave
The reason my company got a 4x4 was the state of the roads, lights vehicles do not stand a chance, some of the pot holes are big enough to engulf  half a tyre and it has not even stated to rain yet. I feel bad about the carbon release but as nothing once again is being done what choice is there. It is certainly not a status symbol.
The use of light vehicles on the roads -  I’m   a 4X4  driver & in a nut shell – “the roads here are atrocious compared to Johannesburg.” Furthermore going back some years I was unfortunate to be caught up in the riots,  not once but twice,  on both occasions my “Hyundai  Sonata”   was trashed –  some cars in front and behind  we able to driver over the islands  to escape - I  ran the gauntlet!
Possibly the reason why people have 4x4's in Zim is because of the bad roads. The suspension on smaller cars is not as sturdy as these bigger 4x4's. Imagine how much foreign currency the country spends when the public have to replace their suspension every 4-6 months. Brake pads wear out quicker as one needs to brake suddenly when pot holes appear.
Re the 4x4 situation! I drive a small five door which is incredibly economical in fuel, but is a mobile roadblock because I Cannot afford the suspension repairs and new tyres that driving at the speed limit would cause. I apologise to all other motorists on the road for my granny driving, but here’s the thing. FIX THE ROADS, MARK THE SPEED HUMPS. I am also very nervous about carrying my grandchildren in my car, because I feel so vulnerable.
With all the discussion going on about cost of production issues, I have been surprised that nobody complains about the inefficiencies of our cellphone service providers. I am so frustrated at the number of times I have to re dial the same number to complete my business because the line keeps being dropped or the voice clarity is so poor as to make a conversation impossible.  The cost to my health is immeasurable and to my pocket - substantial. Yet their profits just soar. With several years of "dollarisation" and huge annual profits, I think we are being ripped off by total inefficiency and possibly greed. Fed up
Re 4x4s on the road: We traded in our sedan for a second hand Rav about 4 years ago, and at the time we commented that what we really needed was just a little run around, like a Vitz type of model. But when we looked at the clearance on those cars we concluded that they just weren’t up to the state of Harare’s roads! Our old sedan had frequent flat tyres, but in two years the Rav has not had one! With two small children regularly in the car we ended up with a 4x4 purely for safety to match the horrendous driving conditions in the city! Careful Driver
It amazes me the advice of those 'experts', who say give the robbers everything they want, and do nothing! IF someone takes it upon themselves to defend themselves, or others, at least give that person some RESPECT that they were brave enough to frighten THREE robbers away. It seems modern days each generation gets softer. Hardened defender
How about hailing the security guard as a hero for going above and beyond the call of duty!! It would have been nice to have given him some credit for his bravery - God rest his soul (anonymous)
I always support SPCA.  It is a bit of a shame that they are so far out of town.  I would like to suggest that they get together with the supermarkets and put a few trolleys aside where people can donate, dog/cat food biscuits etc, I for one will always put something into the trolley, or even a more central collection point for those wanting to contribute to SPCA.  Good luck and thank you for all the work you do. Animal lover Carrie
So now we onto 4 x 4’s.  Give me strength – is there nothing better to do with one’s life than people constantly finding something to whinge about.  I have a 4 x 4 – it gets washed with a bucket, I drive on dirt roads at least twice a week, I drive to a Marondera school for which I feel safer in my car than in some wishy washy little car that would provide no safety for me and my FOUR children against a lorry or another 4 x 4 size car given the standard (or lack thereof) of driving.  I will not apologise for what I drive and if I can afford it and it suits the lifestyle I have so be it and to whomever wrote that article (lets see you fit in four trunks and four kids into a Tazz to go to school), please think before you be derogatory of folk choosing to drive a bigger car.  
Re big vs  small cars.    In small cars you die when hit by an omnibus or big car and in big cars you have a better chance of survival.
Disclaimer: Whilst every effort is made to check the content of every article and any readers comment therein,  my staff and I will not be responsible for any errors or omissions in such articles or comments.”

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