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Monday, October 28, 2013

Pomona Burning

To reply to the query in your Readers Comments regarding the fire at Pomona Dump Site - VAWZ Inspectors have visited the near-by pet boarding facilities  three times to assess and monitor the situation - we can confirm that the owner has uplifted the dogs that were there and removed them to a place of safe-keeping. Regards Mel.
It is a pity we have this huge burning issue.  Maybe addressing the CAUSE would help.  Do we really need our vegetables packed in Styrofoam and cling wrap, could a brown paper bag (surely a safer option) not do? Maybe company’s should look into bringing back the good old glass bottles (deposit for return of same) for things like soft drinks, milk, etc. Meat, poultry etc could be sold from counters (even in supermarkets) and wrapped in paper the same as when my Grandmother was a child. (Just remember to go shopping with a cooler box in your car). Maybe interact clubs or other clubs at schools could embark on one project like collecting paper, tins, plastic bottles thus encouraging parents to sort and drop at the school for the kids benefit, as these can be sold and the funds go into improving the school. (Maybe a prize for the child who brings in the most?)
The city dump will continue to grow and regularly be burnt until everyone makes an effort to reduce their rubbish one little step at a time. (huge leaps and bounds will never break a lifetime of habits)
Also it would be nice if a list could be compiled of where different items can be dropped for recycling.  Not only companies but also charities like, Sunshine Zimbabwe Project, Mukavusi Woodlands, etc I drop my unwanteds at some places but I am sure there are lots I am missing out. Thanks
Mike – you gave us numbers a while ago to report to the Fire Brigade neighbours burning.  We are an asthmatic family and our lungs cannot handle the constant smoke wafting throughout our garden and home.  After politely approaching one particular neighbour I decided to phone the Fire Brigade.  The number I phoned was 783987.  They said they would despatch a vehicle immediately.  Within 15 minutes I heard a siren and sure enough they arrived at the culprits house.  Our lungs cannot thank them enough for their efficiency.  Anon
Reader: I was at the Dump on Sunday Morning to take a look at 11ish and there were two fire engines there and a large bulldozer.  One of the fire engines was yellow and had civil aviation markings and the other was the usual red city of Harare type.
Hi everyone. My daughter feinted yesterday and we all have headaches and lots of abdominal pain. Is this from breathing in the air poisons.? Does anyone knw any good tips to do at hme health wise ? I hve just been diagnosed with chronic lung congestion and am wondering if its due to all the burning. We live in Mount quarry really affected our suburb. While its so wonderful to see the community pull together. Wouldn’t it be great if the mineral wealth in Zim cld be ploughed back into the system to make everything work ? Its sad ! Concerned. Harare
Hi,  I was visiting Harare from Chinhoyi and I too was totally shocked at the amount of smoke in the sky. I had no idea what it was. It was so thick that driving through town I could feel a definite decrease in temperature as the sun was blotted out!! Furthermore, where I was staying in Avondale west, I was stuck with an instantaneous headache, slight nausea and dizziness moments after stepping out of the house. Bear in mind that at this time the smoke was only detected by smell as it was not very thick. Visibility did wane as the wind swirled the toxic smoke around. This just goes to show how toxic that smoke was. I shudder to think what became of people in the main stream of the cloud! Whether the fire was set deliberately or indirectly (ie Sun shining through a glass bottle) is impossible to tell. What I can say is that I am very surprised that there have not been deaths reported in relation to this fire! I'm with you Doctor!  Sirbrownsound
Has anyone ever considered dropping a few dynamite charges on the fire. That has the effect of displacing oxygen from the combustion area. A similar technique had been successfully used to extinguish oil well fires. If the army are involved, they might supervise the attempt.  Regards, Will
All Zimbabweans need to be sensitized  to the problem of littering and pollution. I am embarrassed by the filthy state of our country. I watch time and again people throwing litter out of their vehicles. Commuter buses are the worst. Styrofoam containers need to be banned - supermarkets and others should serve food in cardboard boxes like the Chicken Inns do. Hadenough

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