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Saturday, September 27, 2014


I established 3 legal practices in Northern Rhodesia and served as a  Federal MP and ardent party activist over 11 years until I terminated my settler role in the imposed Independence regime under which, as a well known opponent I could see no future. I made the fateful decision to abandon my substantial assets in order to start again in England with my devoted wife and 4 children whilst I was young enough to do so.


I served with Ian Smith in the Federal Parliament and had an enduring and supportive connection with him culminating with his continuing residence in Harare devoid of any financial fortune from his unremitting political career. I regarded him as personification of the settler part of the multiracial community which had created the "jewel of Africa" from scratch in 40 years. At his first meeting with Mugabe the latter acknowledged this inheritance and anticipated continuation of the vital role of the indigo community.


Contrary to this declaration, predation and corruption has developed and the prosperity destroyed particularly by the Commercial land invasions and prejudiced and dysfunctional government and judicial process.


The most significant national deterioration is the exiling of about 3 million of the best elements of the multiracial population who were disenfranchised thereby failing to effect the regime change which they would have achieved at the last election. I believe that this Diaspora holds the key to the revival of the country in every respect but it requires urgent mobilisation.


There is understandable concentration on promoting the compensation claims which require massive foreign aid and having a negative national impact.


I advocate that energy and resources should be diverted towards reinstatement of the commercial farms which are not being cultivated by their political recipients who have no competency or intention to do so following the long established precedent in Kenya. I would expect that there would be considerable international support for this positive and crucial option.


I realise that restoration of the Titles is also a fundamental problem but this is a technicality which can be resolved to achieve security of tenure and for loans. I have had considerable experience of the near universal lease system in Zambia where I am still registered as a solicitor. It certainly needs revisions, about which I have devised provisions particularly as some of the original 99 year terms are expiring but it has worked with minimal state involvement and provided security of tenure and for loans experienced by some exiled Zimbabwe farmers.


I note the continuous sad announcements of the deaths of the former stalwart commercial farmers in Harare and the names of their beloved progeny who were born and brought up in the country and probably are part of the Diaspora.


There is considerable political and DFID support here for a national Zimbabwe revival and I can play a minimal role as a member of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and there is an All Party Parliamentary Group headed by well informed Kate Hoey. The current Duke of Montrose whose father signed the UDI Declaration ,and Sir Malcolm Rifkind should be canvassed.


During his short visit Roy Bennett,well known as "Pachedu" by his Shona local affectionate constituents did much to promote the cause but he was unable to finance and mobilise the exiles to any significant extent. I think he has the same experience in South Africa. .Considerable internal and external organisation and finance are required urgently.


Sincerely,   Derek Sparrow

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