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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lion Attacks

Hi All, Rae Kokes has asked me to send out this email regarding the recent Lion incident in Kariba. Please check out the link on her website for more details. I will not be sending out any more comments about it. Regards, Mike G               


"Dear all, please find a revised version of my original statement regarding the lion incident in Matusadons on the 4th September.

The revision is the time of the attack - a crucial piece of information. I had been adamant the attack took place at c.6:30pm. Having found a hastily written incident report written during the event, which I had believed to be lost, I have seen I was incorrect and I heard shouts shortly after 6pm.

My sincere apologies for any further stress and qualms this error has caused. My only defence is that I was not thinking very clearly for sometime after the incident, but this is no excuse.

I would like to point out 6pm 10 days ago is twilight and hardly 100% visibility in the bush. This is also when lions are often at their most active.

I do not believe any single person is to blame for what took place. It was sadly a case of the wrong place at the wrong time. All those involved did their very best in very stressful circumstances. It should be seen as a reminder however the dangers of moving in a wildlife area.

Many, many apologies again and I hope my message will allow everyone to move on.

Rae Kokes"

Principle Researcher - Matusadona Lion Project

Member of the IUCN SSC Conservation Breeding Specialist Group

PO Box 60701




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