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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ideas about harare vendors

Whilst this is a noble idea, all that it does is encourage more vending. That’s OK, preferable to begging or stealing.  I saw a vendor in SA at Wits Campus who created a sign telling everyone that he was keeping his intersection litter free. People gave him bags to assist.  The area was spotless. I suggest we motivate our vendors to do the same. They would get a lot of support. There is a vendor in Mt. Pleasant whom we support and he keeps his area clean. It is important that they learn to give as well as receive. Regards Bill


An elderly lady I know drops an empty bin bag with ‘her vendor’ and asks them to fill it and says on her return trip she will pay them for it – they have a sense of achievement and the payment gets kept clean.


Good idea this.  What I do is give water and a tip every other time.  The tip only comes if they have cleared the verge of rubbish as well.  This isn’t necessarily for the vendors but the beggars.  So now they also tidy up and look forward to something in return.


Mike what a great idea! Sometimes it's easy to feel pestered but these guys are legends trying to support families and pay school fees!


I will do. Noticed this when I handed a bottle two months ago.  It was like giving them a litre of gold!! October on us soon so hope so many take your suggestion. Best of luck and thank you for the advert. Much appreciated.  Regards, Janet


oh nice, thanks to Siobhan.  I do that too, once in a while, one day I gave bwd rd robot guys some trousers and dolas for sadza, and my husband asked what it was about, and told him that, they are nice to me every time I drive by, so yes, im here to extend that hand, and water is good, not only to drink but for them to wash their hands after eating sadza.   well done. Joyce


I have had a similar thought. I have noticed so many homeless people digging through the rubbish bags on dustbin day. None of them ever beg or ask for money. My feeling is if they are digging in bins, then they really have nothing. Many of us have leftovers from our meals which usually goes to waste, wouldn’t it be nice to pack them a leftover lunch tin once a week, and leave it on top of the bins for them to find… something for them to look forward to.


Excellent idea Siobhan.  If everyone did a small act of kindness in their sphere of influence it would make a difference, even if it is just in one person’s life – it would a ripple effect, as that one person’s well being affects another and so on.  Also you never know just who you may be helping.  Great people are often from under privileged backgrounds.


What a really dumb suggestion!  These people are parasites.   Particularly the Buddy card sellers, who are in you face at every shopping center and traffic intersection.  The are a traffic hazard, a health hazard and a nuisance.  They pay no taxes, rent or contribute to the economy in anyway.  They take business away from legal, decent traders.   The create litter everywhere and their stands are an eyesore.  Let’s force a return to legal trading! Susan




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