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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Crime in Bulawayo

15/12/14 – 31/01/15


“We cannot with safety swerve from principle, we cannot violate justice, we cannot neglect mercy.” By Ellen G. White




HAPPY 2015 – May this year be as crime free from major crimes as last year.  If you had wondered what had happened to the previous updates, don’t worry, I took a sabbatical over November/December.




As usual, at the beginning of the year, we look at our finances and where we are heading.  With the constant inflation of goods that we have to pay in US$ and the comparison with what one would pay in South Africa for the same, is quite ridiculous. 



This also goes for cars.  If you have an accident, the cost is astronomical, especially since there are so many vehicles – pirate taxis’, ET’s etc that are owned by people who have not had them registered correctly, do not have insurance at ALL, yet still manage to drive on our roads illegally.  If you are involved in an accident with them, they will run away, or the docket is placed at the bottom of the pile.


Police Headquarters in Harare are interested in knowing of any type of corruption where this takes place.  So I strongly suggest when this happens to you, call them up and explain your situation.


Bulawayo is getting out of hand with all these pirate taxis’ and their atrocious driving.  So ensure you have been insured with a reputable insurance company.  Be very wary of ones that only offer 3rd party.  This will not help you in an accident, and you will be paying more than you realize.



Home-owners policies are concerned with the damage to the structure of the home.

House-holders policies are concerned with the moveable possessions that are normally kept in the home.

Rates for these covers may vary significantly, so it pays to shop around with your list of reputable insurance agents.


With everyone having cameras on phones, tablets or digital, it is always advisable to take photos of your valuables, from jewellery to TV’s, refrigerator, clothing etc.  Keep these photos in a safe place and have a list with them stating significant marks and serial numbers.







If you have not managed in the past year to revamp your security, now is the time to do it.  Check again with a reputable security company on their representative coming to advise you on what you should have as far as alarm systems, passives placed in strategic areas and advise him of what you want.  DO NOT be bullied into expensive equipment if you think it won’t help your home.  Start with the basics that you can add on at a later stage when you have more money.


Belong to a good reaction team.


Having the security company’s signs on the gate is a deterrent.


Here’s a check list for you to go through your house:


1.    Burglar bars are not rusted – replace if necessary or paint them.

2.    Ensure handles on windows are not loose and work correctly.

3.    Tiles have not been moved on the roof.

4.    Locks are properly lubricated and not rusty.

5.    Replace broken windows

6.    Electric gate motors are checked, oiled where necessary and battery is in good working order.

7.    Check the hinges on manual gates are not rusted.

8.    Out buildings – check their locks and windows.

9.    Remove overhanging branches from trees on both sides of your wall or fence.

10.  Remove small shrubs that criminals can hide behind near your gates.  Get a small child to hide behind them, if you can still see the child, remove the plant.

11.  Fix anywhere there is a hole in the fence or wall.




·         Over December there were a few robberies in Bulawayo city centre – headlines in the newspapers.

·         A domestic worker stole US$ 30 000 worth of jewellery and sold it for US$ 200!

·         Over Christmas period Famona area had a number of homes and garages broken into – some neighbours heard, but because so many houses have many families living in them, they thought it was a crowd coming in early in the morning!

·         This month one shop has had a robbery during the day.

·         Also this month, an elderly couple who had their fans on, did not hear 2 youths breaking in using a crowbar for possibly half an hour to wrench open their security door.  The youths walked around, grabbed various technical items from rooms and bags and unfortunately, Mrs Z who had been woken up by them switching on her bedroom light briefly, got up to see what was happening.  One of the criminals pushed her and she fractured her wrist.  The criminals ran out into a waiting vehicle.  The criminals had cut through the fence which was surrounded on both sides by bougainvilla!




With the increase in the number of police roadblocks, I for one am pleased.  I know it is frustrating when travelling on the roads to Harare and Vic Falls, some people have said they are replacing their brake pads more than usual for the continual stopping.  But, these road blocks have helped stop some illegal cars travelling on the roads, taking some of the shoddy vehicles off the road, catching diamond smugglers etc.


So I feel a “well done” must go out to the police.


Always be polite to the police – arrive at a roadblock with a severe look on your face, or grumpy, guaranteed they will harass you.  If you are invited to pay a bribe, take note of the faces, try and get their police numbers and report it to superior officers.






There are still a number of people getting beaten up in home robberies or whilst walking on the roads, children getting traumatized from the break-in or violent attack.  Remember children suffer just as adults, and victims need to talk it out.  So if you are a concerned parent, please organize for the child to see me or someone who will listen.  Please do not hesitate to contact me for counseling or a shoulder to cry on.


Crime Awareness is into its 14th year of operation in Bulawayo and I am into my 17th year since being involved with the Anti Hijack Trust in Harare.  Years of experience and I have managed to guide a number of people around Zimbabwe into operating business-like affairs in conjunction with Neighbourhood Watch etc.


I do not charge for counseling victims – they are survivors in my eyes – so naturally I still need a great deal of donations and support from the communities that I hold dear to my heart.




If any company or individual wants to donate something towards Crime Awareness Bulawayo, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Please assist where possible


·         URGENTLY REQUIRED – New COMPUTER hard drive, keyboard and mouse – mine is just too old and very nearly ready to pack in!! WHICH YOU WILL KNOW WHEN THE UPDATES STOP ALL TOGETHER………

·         Stationery – new printer cartridges for Canon being black 512 and colour 513, and any other stationery

·         Payment towards ADSL - only US$ 25 a month

·         Fuel is always needed





I have the following companies and individuals to thank for donations and services already received this year and going to continue: 


Apollo Tyres (originally Dunlop Zimbabwe and they still make Dunlop Tyres)


Compu Pro

Farm Fresh

Fawcett Security

Femina Garments

Insurance Companies –Heritage, ZB Re, Tropical Re, Grande and Collande

Iway Africa (Mweb)

Mine Machines

Safari Insurance Brokers

Safeguard Bulawayo

Trentyre Bulawayo

Toyota Bulawayo



All the people who give me words of encouragement and support THANK YOU.




I have contacts for the following:

·         Latest Alarms and installations

·         Various Lighting Advice and imported LED lighting – note South Africa is banning all incandescent lighting as from 2016 – replace your lights now with LED’s. 

·         Flood Lights in LED 10W, 20W and 50W is available, plus flood lights that change colours, all done with remotes to set up in gardens etc.  Lowers all electricity costs considerably.




Crime Awareness Tracey Conway-Burns BULAWAYO direct:  0712-701 323


EMRAS  (Emergency Ambulance Services) in Bulawayo: 09-62611


MARS (Medical Air Rescue Services Ambulance) in Bulawayo: 09 – 64082



24 Hour Instant Hijack Reaction Team in Bulawayo: 09-885479 (Stops Camp)

CID Central Police Station Bulawayo: 09-75168 (Wk Hours)

CID Central Police Station Bulawayo: 09-66306 (24 Hours)

They are fully armed.  Call them if you have been hijacked as soon as physically possible.

24 hour National Complaints Line (04) 703 631


Childline Bulawayo (child abuse, rape etc)  :09-888891 or (toll free) 882761


The Haven Trust (a transitional home for abused women and their children) 09-242071

                          Fax No:  09-286151 Mobile Nos:  0712-231 309 / 0775-174 443


Musasa Project Bulawayo (abused wives and families, rape):09-880112 or 09-882888


24 Hour Clinic - Margaran House S. Pairienyatwa between 9th and 8th Avenues.

Dr C Sururu or other doctors are on duty every day and night

Tel:  (09) 60952

Cell: 0712 - 881 439


Know your police station numbers for your area.




Please contact me for any talks for schools, companies, groups or questions on individual security, etc on or cell phone no: 0712-701 323, for your bookings or questions so that I can place it in my diary.




P O Box 9161




Please note that anyone who wants to quote in writing any information that I have stated in my updates for the past 14 years, to please verify with me that I will allow you to use it, in case it is a sensitive issue where just a word out of place can result in upsetting individuals and to acknowledge use by placing it under Crime Awareness Bulawayo including any other quotes I have used, to mention them – state it all correctly.

Tracey Conway-Burns – UNQUOTE

1 comment:

  1. Hello Tracy ,
    I just wanted to alert bulawayo residents especially in Beuna Vista ,Willsgrove area where theft of bricks has been reported in three (3) premises undergoing construction along Kabot Drive.It is said thieves use a truck and yesterday they stole 2500 bricks opposite my home.Our dogs barked but no one checked although a trcuk was later heard leaving.Two premises were also raided and bricks stolen down the road on unknown dates in this same week.
    Could you alert crime prevention since I doubt if these crimes were reported to police.Only keepers stay at the preimises.In all occassions ,it must have hapenned between 01:00am and 03:00am