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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Spot fines

The headlines in today’s media are understandably attracting a lot of attention.

 The Herald, Newsday and others are reporting the comments made by High Court judge, Justice Francis Bere, that spot fines and the impounding of vehicles for non-payment, is illegal. The full Herald article can read here: 

 The advice Big Sky has been given, including from the spokesperson for ZRP Traffic, Inspector Chigome, is that Justice Bere made his remarks at the opening ceremony of the Masvingo Circuit Court, and do not represent a court ruling.

 Accordingly, there is no change ‘on the ground’. ZRP personnel will continue to follow existing instructions, and there is currently no alternative to ‘spot fines’ (Deposit Fines).  We feel the following advice, recently circulated, remains relevant:


A motorist can decline to admit guilt by referring to the warning at the top of the Admission of Guilt form (Z.R.P. N.TFC) that provides the option of appearing in magistrate’s court. However, a good starting point is speaking to the officer-in-charge of the roadblock, who being more senior might treat the issue with discretion and experience. If not, the motorist can request to speak to the officer-in-charge of the police station from which the roadblock originated. At all times calm and courteous behaviour will contribute significantly to a fair outcome.

If the motorist decides to pay the deposit fine but wishes to take the matter further, when the ZRP member completes the Admission of Guilt form, the motorist should politely request that the Charge (Section and Statutory enactment) field, be completed legibly and with the relevant information.

It is important to note that Form 265, providing the facility of paying within seven days, is NOT available as an option.


Motorists with traffic related queries can call the 24-hour Complaints Desk at Police General H.Q. on (04) 703631

National spokesperson for ZRP Traffic: Inspector Chigome – 0782 951 537

Officer Commanding ZRP Traffic, Harare: Chief Superintendent Marufu – (04) 777642 –

0716 360 698

A comprehensive list of Contact Numbers issued by ZRP – Public Relations in January, 2015 is available as a .pdf document, by emailing 

Contact details for emergency services, hospitals, police stations and roadside assistance can be found at: | Important information | Emergency numbers


Our current Cubby-hole notes (version 10, Jan-15) cover the most frequently encountered issues at checkpoints, and the relevant deposit fines. This is available as an easily printed .pdf document, just email us at  Updates will be posted on, and on Twitter @BigSkySupplies

 We are available to assist with any queries your readers might have.

 Regards … Big Sky Supplies


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