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Monday, February 16, 2015


From: Trails of Life
Sent: 12 February 2015 22:39

Hi everyone,


We are Ben & Kevin, the two french guys that have been robbed last december.

We had that bad experience to meet 4 zimbabweans people that betrayed our trust to get us in their fake combi, and finally stole everything from us near Chitungwiza.


After this incident, it was difficult for us to continue to trust people we encountered but we had the incredible surprise to get an amazing support (material and moral support) coming from your network ! Many of you offered their help and it convinced us to move forward from this bad experience.


After an event like this one, when you start to doubt about human being, it is just incredible to witness so much generosity. Finally, it is really thanks to you that we decided to continue our trip based on human trust.

We have spent one month and a half in France to get new passports and visas and we will now head to Asia for 6 months, to discover and analyse the evolution of traditional communities. For this trip, we carry some clothes and backpacks that have been given by you !


So again : Thanks a lot to you all ! It is really touching to see the support we had, and may generous people like you be many in Asia !


A la prochaine !


Kévin Hocdé & Benjamin Pivôt


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