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Monday, October 12, 2015





The hot weather is upon us and it’s the time to open all doors and windows and this is when we need to make sure a good security plan is in place.  Do not let your guard down and leave the grills and locks off as this is only inviting perpetrators to gladly come into your premises. With the incessant long power cuts we are experiencing it is so easy to forget as a through breeze is always so welcome in this heat! .. Be wise, where possible make another plan to generate power, keep alarms on and all remotes charged for a safe existence! There have been reports of gate bells being rung even in the broad daylight with sob stories of sick relatives, and bosses away or wallets left behind and needing assistance with the promise of returning to repay the loan … this is a SCAM … its hard as we all have a compassionate side to our makeup and we like to believe its genuine …. PLEASE use your own discretion .  There is a large unemployment rate in this country and most citizens are finding it tough financially so to be conned is frustrating.


With the horrendous power cuts many of the traffic lights are not working and may not have enough energy to recharge leaving chaos in its wake … It is hoped that the City hierarchy with ZESA have had the foresight to communicate with the ZRP Traffic Control to have these areas manned at peak hours but at other times too ….as the rules of the road are not being adhered to and there is a load of road rage causing unnecessary accidents and delays.  Our already congested roads do not need this unnecessary happening. Many drivers need to read through the rules again and adhere to them ! … Calm the road rage and the abominable driving where whatever you want to do seem fair game ….. Lets see an improvement as this will be a start !.




Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE  ! 




Phone : 0772221921 or your nearest Police Station.

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